FINALLY! This post has been a long time coming and I’m excited to be able to have all my travel must haves in one spot! I know for me, a lot of times I feel disorganized when traveling, but I feel like a lot of these items here will help you stay more organized and have a more stress free trip!! Just a note, many of the items listed above come in different color options, so if pink is not your thing, there is likely another color available!! 😉

1.Luggage Tags – These tags are such a lifesaver! They are much more durable than the paper ones you get from the airlines. It also makes it easier to spot your luggage at baggage claim.

2. Water Bottle – Anyone else bad at remembering to drink water when they’re traveling?? When I travel with my own water bottle it helps remind me to stay hydrated. 

3. Electronics Organizer – One of my biggest pet peeves when traveling is the tangled wires of all the cords. This organizer helps to keep it all in one place and organized!

4. Bra/Underwear Organizer – Nothing worse than having to dig for your underwear and socks and finding your bra flat under all your clothes. This organizer will help keep all your undergarments in one easy to find place.

5. iPad – I love to download movies or podcasts beforehand to have something to watch or listen to when flying. There are times I do need it to work so it’s always handy to keep on hand when traveling.

6. iPad Case – Every iPad needs a case and I love that this one comes with a stand so I can use it hands free. I actually have this top rated case that comes with a keyboard too, but am still trying to decide which case I like better as it’s a little heavier.

7. Sunglass Holder – I am the queen of losing my sunglasses but this sunglass holder is such a great invention! It doesn’t hold just one, but up to four pairs of sunglasses! 

8. Ear Buds – Earphones are a must when traveling since you don’t want to have the whole flight listen to what you’re listening to on your iPad. These are nice since you can turn on and off the noise cancelling feature.

9. Travel Steamer – This is a must have for me when traveling! No matter how you fold your clothes in your luggage and how short your trip is, your clothes will always get those stubborn wrinkles. I’ve had this steamer for awhile and it has held up so well!

10. Phone/Electronics Charger – I like to carry my own charger for when there are no plugs around. It doesn’t just charge your phone but you’re able to charge your iPads/tablets as well!

11. Shoe Bags – The bottom of shoes gross me out! So I love having these bags to keep them separated from my clothes

12. Pill Case – When I travel, I like to bring  my daily vitamins, such as these Elderberry gummies as well as On Guard to hopefully prevent me from getting sick. I also always bring pain killers and sometimes Dramamine too, LOL! Got to be prepared!

13. Camera -As much as I love my iPhone pictures, I love capturing memories on my camera! It is an investment but so worth it especially if you plan to print your own photos! Although I personally own the Sony a7 III with interchangeable lenses as taking pictures is my job, I have heard great things about this camera especially for travel!

14. Makeup Case – I am very impressed with this makeup case! It is very durable and love how it comes with removable dividers so you can rearrange it to fit your needs. There is also this version that has slightly different compartments and is a little more affordable.

15. Toiletry Bag – This is the perfect little toiletry bag for when you travel! You can hang it so the counters can stay clutter free since hotel counter space is very limited. LOVE THIS ONE!!

16. Travel Tote – This tote is the perfect carry on for when I’m traveling! It has held up so well and I love that you can have it monogrammed. It comes in a ton of color options but of course, leopard is my favorite!

17. Jewelry Organizer – Sensing some kind of theme here with all the organizers.. but seriously it makes life so much easier and I can’t imagine any other way to travel. I love that this case is compact and takes up little space in my suitcase. It has the perfect spots for earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more!

18. Duffel Bag – My favorite duffel bag ever! I love all the compartments and it has tons of space to pack things! I have the Large size in a color similar to Wildflower.  Here is another great duffel option in pink that is a little more affordable and a leather option here!

19. Packing Cubes – I love these cubes! We have different colors for each person in the family! It makes it so much easier to keep everything organized!

20. Suitcase Set – I recently ordered these for my trip to RSCon and instantly fell in love with them! They have held up really well and they are SO affordable! I have the set of 3 in blush but am starting to collect other colors for my entire family!!

Shop all the items by clicking on the links above or the pictures below!

Hope this guide was helpful and have fun on your next trip!!! 🙂