Finally it’s here, my Summer Capsule Wardrobe or 30 x 30 Remix, whatever you want to call it! I am taking 30 pieces (tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, bags and shoes) and styling them over 30 different days (or ways)! It’s been a long time coming and if this goes well, I may do one for every season! I know that I share a lot of try-ons and new outfits over here, but I absolutely also love taking 1 piece and styling it multiple ways.  I love sharing the versatility of different pieces and how to maximize your wardrobe, especially for those who are already satisfied with their Summer wardrobe and don’t want to buy more! Or this can be helpful for if you feel like your current wardrobe is in a funk, I hope to educate you in the key pieces you may be missing so that you can maximize your wardrobe and be satisfied with it! The idea to take the 30 x 30 was from my girl Kendi Everyday, and you can read about all her rules and guidelines here!  Also, my friend Audrey from Putting Me Together is a pro at creating seasonal capsule wardrobes as well!

I am going to break down the post by first sharing the pieces I chose, but then also sharing options for the different types of clothing that I chose.  Reason being that some of the items may be close to sold out, or maybe we like different colors of styles, but the overall concept of mixing the different types of clothing can be applied to your own personal style and wardrobe. When reading this post, I want y’all to draw inspiration from this, vs. trying to find these exact peices for your own wardrobe. Use what you have, the point is to NOT spend as much money, but to be inspired to wear things in your closet! It’s all about remixing what you have in your current wardrobe, and it would be so fun if you joined me! And if you can’t do it for 30 days, do it for 15 days, and if you want to add in other pieces, by all means, do so!  There are not strict rules to this “challenge”! 

I think the first and more important thing in choosing a capsule wardrobe is to see what you have in your closet, pick out your favorite pieces that you gravitate towards. Also, I didn’t pick too many work wear pieces, but went for a more casual, everyday wardrobe. For me, hands down number one is denim jacket haha, and then of course some great camis, tanks and shorts! I also use this straw bag a TON, because it’s the perfect medium size and goes with a lot of my Summer outfits. And then my neutral sandals and tan wedges, they literally could go with any Summer outfit I wear! Next would be to pick some colors that coordinate together, you don’t have to be super strict here, but it does make mixing and matching a little easier! It’s great to have a base of neutral colors and then add in pops of color, for me, it was mostly pinks, corals, and greens for the colors to pair with neutrals (white, black, grey, tan)! But of course, this top is rainbow colored (as my 4 year old would call it) and pretty much can go with lots of bottoms! 


*You can click on any item in the picture to shop it too!

Tops: Sweater TankBasic Tee | Striped Tank | Printed CamiSummer Sweater | Button Down Shirt | Blouse | Basic Cami | Graphic Tee | Lightweight JacketDenim Jacket | Duster Cardigan

Bottoms: Denim Shorts | Casual Shorts |  Tie-Front Shorts | Cropped Pants | White Jeans | Midi Skirt | Mini Skirt

Dress/Jumpsuit: Tank Dress | Jumpsuit

Shoes: Leopard Sandals | White Sneaker | Colorful SlidesNeutral Sandal |  Tan Wedge | Dressy Heel

Bags: Straw Tote  | Neutral Bag | Crossbody

Again, in case the items above are sold out, you can shop some other options I picked that would work with the colors and tones I chose for this Summer Capsule Wardrobe.


A basic tank that can be worn with shorts, skirts, or jeans. It can be dressed up or down.


These are a closet staple. I always stock up on solid colors, stripes and a few prints.

Graphic Tees

Band tees are super in right now, but I just love graphic tees with pretty colors and those that have a meaning for me personally. Super cute with cutoff shorts or a skirt.

Blouses/Button Down Shirts

I love short sleeve button down tops for Summer. Bonus if I can unbutton the bottom two buttons and knot tie it.

Sweater Tanks/Summer Sweaters

Lightweight sweaters are always a great option for cooler Summer evenings.

Cardigans/Duster Cardigans/Kimonos

One of my fave layering pieces to complete an outfit! I love layering them over dresses and camis and shorts!

Denim Jacket

These are a must have in any Summer wardrobe. Great for wearing, layering over your shoulders or tying around your waist when wearing T-Shirt dresses!

Lightweight Jacket

A linen jacket, blazer, or rain jacket are all great outerwear pieces for when it gets chilly.


A good pair of denim shorts will go a long way for your Summer. I also love easy pull on style shorts as well. Both pair well with camis, tanks, tees and graphic tees!


I am loving both mini and midi skirts for the season!

Cropped Pants

Whether a more straight leg or a wide leg, I LOVE cropped pants for Summer. I love pairing them with sandals or dressing it up with heels. I like that they usually don’t stick to my leg and are breathable for hot days.

White Jeans

White jeans are a must for Summer, but it’s always hard to find a flattering pair. I’ve linked a few of my faves + top rated ones below!

Tank/T-Shirt Dress

I could live in these! You can wear them on their own, tie a denim or lightweight jacket around your waist or wear a longer duster kimono with it!


Yes, I know it can be hard to go to the bathroom in these, but I love that it is one piece and one! I love both jumpsuits and rompers and you can wear them with denim jackets!


From sandals to wedges to dressy heels, you need a little bit of everything in your shoe wardrobe. I could go on about shoes…


From small bags to crossbodies to totes, I could also go on and on about bags but I especially love ones where I can be hands free or that are big enough to hold all the essentials!

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