Father’s Day Gift Ideas


We are about 2 weeks away from Father’s Day so wanted to get this gift guide up for you!! I have a few gift ideas that I will be sharing with you over the next 2 weeks, but here is a great list of items with different price points!!

  1. Personalized Toiletry Bag – A love the look of these and that you can personalize it, great for storing shaving stuff for those Dads who might have to start traveling again soon.
  2. Accupressure Sandals – These have amazing reviews and are supposed to relieve tension.
  3. Shaver – This electric shaver has A LOT of great reviews and comes with a travel case too.
  4. Tile – For those forgetful Dads who always lose things. We have these for our key rings.
  5. Personalized Bracelet – Add the kid’s names to this bracelet!
  6. Wireless Headphones – Can’t go wrong with a new set of earbuds!
  7. Spice Set – For those Dads who love to grill or cook, well actually this is a win-win for all since you’ll probably be enjoying the yummy food too!
  8. Sous Vide – Marv swears by sous vide cooking to get evenly cooked steaks and fish!
  9. Grill – We just got one of these and Marv is loving it! It’s great for Summer BBQs!!
  10. Star Wars Shirt – For those Star Wars fans, Marv also recently just got a shirt like this so wanted to include this in here!
  11. Personalized Coffee Mug – Put your child’s face on a mug hehe!
  12. Ice Maker – These will keep Dad’s beer or whiskey colder for longer!
  13. Personalized Wallet – This is a pretty popular brand for wallets. This site actually has a lot of great Father’s Day Gift ideas, just double check that personalized items can ship on time!
  14. Dash Cam – For those Dads who love their cars and technology.
  15. Watch – This is Marv’s top pick for a budget friendly watch. And trust me, he is a watch connoisseur.
  16. Whiskey Decanter – Perfect for Whiskey lovers.
  17. Car Phone Charger – This cell phone holder also is a charger too!
  18. Massager – Marv uses this massager in his office!!
  19. Beef Jerky Pack – For those Dads who need a snack break at work.
  20. Insulated Beer Pint Glass – Keeps their beers cold.
  21. Yeti Koozie – Perfect for camping trips and keeping drinks cold.
  22. Rocket Reusable Notebook – These notebooks are like magic. We got one for my brother a few years ago and he loved it. You write on it (like for taking notes), scan it and can upload it to a Cloud service.
  23. Brumate Can Cooler – Another great option for keeping drinks cold.
  24. Personalized Socks – I totally want to order this for Marv. A pair of each child’s face haha! It’s kind of like a funny little gift!!
  25. Beard Catcher – Do the Dads complain about hair clippings all over the sink, get this Beard Catcher to solve that problem.
  26. No Show Socks – Really can’t go wrong with more socks, since we all know how quickly the laundry machine eats them!!
  27. Personalized Collar Stays – For the Dads who dress up for work or travel for work and need to wear collared shirts, this is a great gift.
  28. What I Love About Dad Book – This has fill-in-the-blank lines to make it personal.
  29. Whiskey Glasses – For the man cave!
  30. House Slippers – I love this brand of slippers, affordable and comfy!


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  1. June 9, 2020 / 5:53 am

    This is a great list! My husband is a whiskey drinker so I’m going to go check out that decanter! I love that book you can personalize too, what a great idea!

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