40 Favorite Things For Marvin’s 40th Birthday!!

Just wanted to wish a big Happy 40th Birthday to our favorite guy, the best Dad our kids could ask for, Marvin!!! I can’t believe how fast time is flying and how he has hit this next big milestone year. These past 15 years that we have been together have been some of the best years of my life, thanks to him!! So for this year’s birthday, I thought it would be kind of fun to share 40 of this favorite things! These are his tried and true favorites that he uses daily, weekly, just products that he swears by!!!

  1. Electric Razor – he has had this for awhile now, it’s creates a great close shave
  2. Electric Toothbrush – he has never had a cavity, and swears by his electric toothbrush!
  3. Cologne – I recently got him this and I love how it smells on him!
  4. Chronograph Leather Watch – he is a watch LOVER… so he wanted to share 3 watches with you all!!
  5. G-Shock Watch
  6. Automatic Watch with Leather Strap
  7. Casual White Shoes – he has had these for awhile now, they are lightweight and look great and definitely a classic
  8. Running Shoes – great for working out and running around our neighborhood
  9. Hiking Shoes – he took this on our hiking trip to Moab and said they were SUPER comfortable
  10. Flip Flops – I gave him these sandals maybe like 8-10 years ago and he STILL loves them! They have held up sooo well and are so worth the splurge
  11. Compression Tights – he swears by these for working out, especially when it’s colder outside, great for runs
  12. Butcher Paper – this best paper he has found for smoking meats
  13. Pellet Grill – he loves cooking and BBQing and the Traeger is his new baby
  14. Sous Vide – he swears by this for cooking meats perfectly and evenly and even great for re-warming up steaks without over cooking!!
  15. Air Fryer – I can safely say that we probably use this at least 5 times a week!!
  16. Instant Pot – he loves making Instant Pot dinners
  17. Toaster Oven – great for toasting and heating up things when we don’t want to use our oven
  18. Can Cooler – whenever he drinks soda or beer, he puts it in this!
  19. Tumbler – he drinks his teas and other drinks out of here
  20. Cooler – really great cooler that keeps things cold for long and great for travel
  21. Insulated Water Bottle – his favorite water bottle
  22. Travel Collapsible Water Bottle – great for hikes or traveling, this water bottle rolls up nicely to be more compact
  23. Carbon Steel Pan – his favorite pan for stir-frying
  24. Instant Read Thermometer – a good meat thermometer for checking his BBQed meats
  25. Ear Plugs – he uses this to block out my snoring at night, HA!
  26. Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones – he loves listening to music
  27. Noise Cancelling Earbuds – uses this for the airplane
  28. Budget Noise Cancelling Headphones – this one has great reviews!
  29. Amazon Echo Show – Alexa is like our 5th family member, she helps us out a lot!!
  30. Amazon Echo Clock – we set timers for everything, and this clock shows timer countdown and is a normal clock too
  31. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K – great for streaming shows and it is Alexa enabled
  32. Ring Doorbell – we have a notification go off on his phone every time someone is on our front porch
  33. Phone Charger/Holder for Car – a must for a car, a phone charger and holder in one
  34. Shower Speaker – I always include this on Christmas gift guides for Men, this speaker has great sound and you connect it to your phone
  35. Toilet Bowl Light – great for those overnight potty runs
  36. Office Chair – he sits in this chair all day every weekday, so of course it’s got to be comfortable
  37. Mesh Router + Satellite – our house is kind of long, so we have these to extend our WiFi signal
  38. PhoneSoap – (code SANDY10 for 10% off) after we go out and about, we put our phones in this UV sanitizer when we get home to eliminate germs
  39. Back Massager – we both sit in front of electronics all day long, so this is great for relieving back and shoulder stress
  40. Electric Push Lawn Mower – he loves our mower that he uses weekly in the Summer time to mow our lawn!



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