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Archive for April, 2010

Flavors to Follow: Ruffles

posted: 04.30.10 | 45 comments

You know what I am loving these days??  Ruffles!   They just add a visually interesting and girly texture to just about anything… clothes, decorating, notebooks, accessories, etc.  Ruffles can make things go from blah to tadaa!!  To be honest though, I haven’t sewn my own ruffle yet but after looking at all the pictures below, [...]

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The Pagestoppers GIVEAWAY!

posted: 04.28.10 | 86 comments

{shop} {blog} I was so ecstatic when Grace (who is an absolute sweetheart) contacted me about doing a giveaway of one of her lovely items!  Grace is relatively new to the etsy world but she totally deserves to be recognized. Her signature items are her cute, whimsical, vintage and fun bookmarks, which are definite pagestoppers [...]

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Once You Pop Brazilian Cheese Bread, You Can’t Stop

posted: 04.27.10 | 49 comments

…or at least I can’t stop! First spotted at Fogo De Chao. Also known as Pao de quiejo. Best paired with massive amounts of unlimited meat. Cheesy Goodness. The perfect appetizer. Recipe adapted from Chowhound. Ingredients: 1 lb Polvilho azedo (Sour or fermented Tapioca/Cassava flour) – I used Tapioca Starch because that’s all I could [...]

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Let’s Go On A Picnik, In My Yard!

posted: 04.25.10 | 52 comments

Spring has arrived, the flowers on trees have come and gone, and allergies are in full force (for some, luckily not me)!  Now let’s go back to those flowers on trees… of course, they were the perfect opportunity for me to practice my photography!  In our front yard and backyard we had a plenty, of [...]

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Flavors to Follow: Earth Friendly

posted: 04.23.10 | 23 comments

As Earth Week draws to a close, I figured I just had to share some of my eco-friendly / earth related finds for this weeks Flavors to Follow.  I love the idea of repurposing and recycling materials that may have otherwise just been thrown away into something lovely, creative and useful.  Also, reusing grocery bags [...]

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