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Can I just say that I love the blogosphere and how crazy talented everyone is?  I read sooo many blogs on a daily basis and one of the things I really look forward to is finding new sewing tutorials… especially simple ones that (I think) I can do!  It’s great and all, but I’m also finding it really hard to keep up with all of the projects I want to do, maybe I am being too ambitious here.  But hopefully someday, I will be able to tackle them all!  :)  So basically, I just wanted to keep a running list on here (in no particular order) of all the DIYs I have queued to date… and maybe it will inspire you to try some of these as well (if you do, let me know how it goes)!

1. Messenger Bag by Make It Do – this is the only one on my list that I have actually sewn.  I made it for a friend as an engagement party present!  And while I’m at it, the following two pictures are the only ones taken by me, the rest are taken from the respective blogs.

Here’s the messenger bag I made in all it’s glory.

And the little flower?  I pretty much just coiled up a piece of fabric and sewed it on, didn’t follow a tutorial for it!

2. Museum Tunic by Anna Maria Horner

I think this is totally fantastic for going to the beach, on a picnic, shopping with girl friends, or even a dinner date!  I can’t wait to find a pretty soft fabric like the one in the picture!

3. Drawstring Bags and Coloring Books by Prudent Baby

I just think this would be the perfect gift bag to give out at a 2 year old’s birthday party.  My nephew is 18 months old now…  Drawstring bags are pretty simple to sew, but I’ve never sewn paper before, should be interesting!

4. Men’s Ties by The Purl Bee

YES!  I’ll never have to buy an expensive tie for my husband ever again, I’ll just MAKE them from now on hehe!  :)

5. Pants by Prudent Baby

Like I said above, my nephew is 18 months old now and walking/running all over the place!  I’m sure he could use a few pairs of comfy pants, I mean, I don’t think you can ever have enough comfy pants, yea?  And I’m thinking I could totally adjust this tutorial to make a pair of pants for myself… and my husband, yea totally!

6. Gathered Clutch by Noodlehead

Classy, made pretty with ruffles, TOTALLY USEFUL!  Just like comfy pants, a girl can never have too many clutches!

7. Bias Tape by Prudent Baby

So, a few weeks ago, I won the Simplicity bias tape maker giveaway on Prudent Baby (Thanks again ladies!), so that means I definitely need to use my new machine to make some awesome tape to hide those raw edges!

8. Market Tote by Bijou Lovely

Ummm, can I just have this tote and call it a day???  No seriously, I LOVE this exact bag since I’m a huge fan of stripes and yellow!  I will make my own someday!

9. Mail Organizer by Noodlehead

*SWOON* Look at how all of those fabulous Heather Bailey Nicey Jane fabrics have been coordinated sooo nicely?  I am in desperate need of a mail organizer… heck, I think I’ll make it into a mail/coupon organizer… pretty much right now, all of our papers are strewn all over the kitchen counter, living room side table, floor, etc… this organizer is just perfect!

10. Grosgrain Belt by Ruffles and Stuff

Not gonna lie… I may have spent upwards of $30 on a J.Crew flower belt… or three.  But look, from now on, I’m making my own!  :)

Sewww yea… if I drop off the face of this blog, you know where to find me… behind my sewing machine.  I just know there are so many more tutorials out there that I have seen but forgot to book mark!  Oh how I just wish there were more hours in a day and days in a week! 

Are there any sewing tutorials you’ve been wanting to try?  Extra brownie points if you leave a link!  :)

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  1. I agree with you completely — the tutorials on the web are amazing. I won a book with a bunch of sewing patterns in it, but I haven’t had the chance to start them yet. I think I might need to take a class first, to get me in the swing of doing things like that. Until then, I might just stick to baking.

  2. some great links! the grosgrain belt is what caught my eye!
    i do like sewing but i don’t think i could do sewing like this.
    i should though! my bf got me a sewing machine for christmas and i STILL haven’t used it. i need to try and not be so scared of the darn thing!

  3. Girl I have a never-ending list of tutorials and patterns that I want to try! I keep them starred in my google reader if I can. I would have to quit my day job and sew 30 hours a day in order to ever finsih all the tutorials on my list!!

  4. sew sew sew! you are so creative i am sure you’d make tons of beautiful things. love all the possible projects here: i wish i had better sewing skills! i can’t really sew straight, haha. the bag you made is very lovely, can’t wait to see more! xo.

  5. These links are super helpful. I’m actually transferring to the Art Institute to major in fashion design. I’m not sure how it will go considering I went from a Bio major to wanting to become a journalist and now fashion design. Although, I did fall in love with my sewing machine and because of my summer classes I have neglected it after its 4th use.

    Thank you for the links! I am stoked to try out some of these tutorials! :3

    xo, Michelle

  6. girl your bag turned out great! love all the tutorials and would love to sew some in the near future. unfortunantly, i haven’t run across any tutorials to share with you but i’m sure all these lovely other ladies will!

  7. Too Cute! I adore that bag you created…def an excellent & thoughtful gift. I think the next thing I’d want to learn to make is a baby blanket or a silky blouse. I have a sewing class coming up at the end of the month where I’ll learn how to sew w/jersey knits–so I cna try to make a wrap dress a la DVF!


  8. Great job on the DIY messenger bag! I wish I could sew, but I’m afraid I don’t have the talent or patience for a sewing project…though it would be fun to learn!

  9. Oh my! the bag you sewed for your friend is pretty fantastic!!! You’re talented, lady! You should be sewing more and open your own sew studio, would be called “SSS” – Sandy sew studio :). Like my idea?

  10. Those are just perfect! I love that you have all these diy’s planned. I love the mail organiser and it’s something that I know i need. I can’t keep my mail neat and tidy.

    I love seeing your sewing projects too. They are always so lovely. x

  11. i’m so impressed you actually made that bag! i love it! you’re so crafty and creative~~ i hope you get to make all these things! and you’re the best auntie ever for even thinking of making stuff for evan. we love you!!!!

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