One Year Blogiversary, Giveaways, Discounts, Oh Yea!

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One year ago today, I started this little bloggity blog of mine and this is the first thing I wrote in the {about} section.

    A new decade brings new beginnings.  This blog was started in January 2010.  Hopefully I can keep up with my hobbies and the blog for at least a year… AT LEAST… hopefully longer.  =)

I did it, friends!  I have blogged for a year and hope to do so for many many more years! :)  Actually, blogging is what MADE me keep up with my hobbies such as crafting, sewing, photography, cooking, and decorating my home.  Isn’t that nice? And now let me just take a minute of your time to be mushy here… never in a million years (err just one year) did I think my blog would grow to be what it is today.  I never had good handwriting so this blog was and still is an online journal for me to post my photos and things I am working on.  In my first few months of blogging, it was my real life friends (for lack of a better term) that were reading and commenting, but now, I’ve built this whole blog community,  met some of you in real life and hope to meet the rest of you in real life too!  I can’t even explain in words how supportive, encouraging, helpful, and sweet everyone is, am I right y’all?  And although blogging may seem like a lazy activity, it’s creating blog content that keeps me motivated to try new recipes, play with my camera, and have fun with different outfit combinations!  And if you are new to blogging, here are my two cents of advice…

1) Quality posts > quantity of posts but make sure to post at least a few times week so readers will keep coming back.
2) Prepare/schedule blog posts on weekends so you can spend more time reading blogs during the weekdays.
3) Visit/comment on other blogs consistently.
4) Blog because you love it and have fun! :)

And since I love you guys so much, I’ve put together a SUPER RAD GIVEAWAY WITH FIVE DIFFERENT WINNERS (APPROX. $112 VALUE BECAUSE IT’S 1/12)!!


Giveaway #1 – The Dish

My first blog post ever was based on a peanut butter cookie recipe by Bakerella, so I think it’s only fitting that I give away her latest Cake Pops Book! :)


Giveaway #2 – Flavors To Follow/Nest Designs

I totally think chalkboard decorations are so neat!  I did one of my Flavors To Follow posts on chalkboard finds!  So I am giving away a set of four 9″x12″ Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sheets!


Giveaway #3 – Picture This

I love taking pictures with my DSLR and learning the ins and outs of my camera!  And I definitely think that the photo effects that come out of toy cameras are so intriguing, unexpected and beautiful!!  So I’m giving away a Lomography Diana F+ Medium Format Camera or Holga 120N Casablanco Holgawood Camera (winner’s choice)!!


Giveaway #4 – In Style

I love fashion and I LOVE shopping! Enough said. Win a $25 gift certificate to your (the winner’s) choice of one of these fashionable shops that I have blogged about before:

Anthropologie/Spotted Moth/Modcloth/ShopRuche


Giveaway #5 – Sponsor Love

See all those buttons over there on the right that make my blog so pretty? I 100% whole heartedly support each and every one of them! To show my appreciation for them, I’m giving away a $25 Gift Certificate (including shipping) towards any of my sponsors’ shops!  The winner is free to mix & match!

*I love all of these products and the companies (for giveaways 1-4) in no way sponsored or are representative of this post. I’m doing the giveaway out of the goodness of my heart to show you all how much I appreciate you, my lovely readers!


But because I want you ALL TO BE WINNERS, my sponsors and I are also offering you some AMAZING DISCOUNTS FOR FIVE DAYS ONLY (January 12-16, 2011).  Feel free to right click -> Open New Tab on the buttons to take you to the shops!

10% off with Coupon code: SALM1YEAR

10% off basic session fee (kansas city area pet photography), mention this post

12% off with Coupon code: SALM1YEAR1

15% off with Coupon code: SALM1YEAR

20% off with Coupon code: SALM1YEAR

Sending a big THANK YOU and virtual *hug* to all my sponsors!  HAPPY SHOPPING friends! :) Remember, these are only good through January 16, 2011!!

And finally…

How to enter the giveaway(s):

You must be a Google Friend Connect follower (on right) to enter!

1.  (Mandatory) Leave a comment telling me what is your favorite thing about blogging! Or if you don’t have a blog, what is your favorite part of reading blogs? (one entry)

For additional entries:
2. Follow @sandyalamode on twitter (one entry)
3. Tweet/blog/facebook about this giveaway and leave the link (one entry for each)

Here’s a few different tweets you can use, I’d love it if you could help spread the word:
Did you see? @sandyalamode is celebrating her one year blogiversary with a GIVEAWAY! Enter to win one of the 5 prizes!
Be one of 5 winners! @sandyalamode is having a GIVEAWAY worth $112 of loot for her one year blogiversary!
Giveaways, discounts and a one year blogiversary over on @sandyalamode!

Giveaway entries will be closed on Sunday, January 16, 2011 at 11:59PM CST.  Good luck and thanks for being a follower and a reader! :)

Entries for this giveaway have been closed!! Thanks for entering!

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  1. My favorite thing about blogging…well, I have 2 favorite things. Meeting new people and learning about their lives, of course! And I love finding new ways to challenge myself personally and as a blogger, and having my blog to look back on to see how far I’ve come.

  2. My fave thing about blogging is the support that comes from the blogging community. I have found that they cheer with you for happy things and cry with you over sad things.

    Congrats on a super successful year!!

  3. Sandy, this is truly an UNBELIEVABLE giveaway!

    My favorite thing about blogging is articulating my creativity in the form of inspiration images, writing out an experience with my family, my marriage, taking a moment to reflect on what made me smile that week or what I was thankful for. More concisely, every post is reflection of who I am and I’m thankful to be able to share that with readers, and I’m thankful to catalogue all of that for myself as well. Not to mention the amazing people I’ve discovered through this entire process. Like……SANDY A LA MODE!

  4. Congratulations on the one year blogiversary =]

    My favorite thing about blogging/blogs are DIY posts! I feel like you can learn how to make so many things and get so much crafty inspiration through blogs!

  5. Here we go: My favorite thing about blogging is being able to share your story with anyone that is willing to listen! Also, the great community that you can find.

  6. Awww! Happy Blogiversary! ^_^
    I haven’t blogged for a while, but the best thing about reading other people’s blogs is getting inspired!! :)

  7. Seriously, you kick ass! One year AND one gazillion readers…so amazing to be so successful! Thank you for being an inspiration (even if I AM your newest follower…) :)

    I want to win everything! And the Diana F camera? Yeah, I’ve been in love with it forEVER. Super hope to win. Super. Happy blogiversary, gorgeous!

  8. I’m lame and didn’t comment right…oops! My favorite thing about blogging is the CONNECTIONS! I went from a lost blogger, to blogging about my husband ending up in a wheelchair, and seemingly overnight became friends with such an amazing, supportive group of women. LOVE.

    PS- I already follow you on Twitter. ;)

  9. I have NO idea how to paste what I tweeted with the link, but this is what I said:

    @sandyalamode is celebrating her one year blogiversary with a GIVEAWAY! Enter to win one of the 5 prizes!

    You can search for it @SugarAndDots


  10. Happy happy Blogversary to you!

    My fave thing about blogging is that it’s like my own little online magazine that gets read by people. After all it’s not just about the writer, it’s about the readers too!!

  11. Congratulations!!!! My favorite part about blogging is that I can look into the archives and cringe at how awful my early posts were and literally see the improvement in my life, photography, and content as I continue (: Thank you for the amazing, amazing giveaways! I’m a follower (: I can’t wait for another year (and years and years) of your wonderful blog posts!

  12. happy anniversary!!!! i have no idea what the google friend connect thing does but i did it! you have the best giveaways~~~!! i hope i win something~ lol! my favorite thing about blogging is getting to document wonderful memories big and small.

  13. Sandy,

    Congrats to you on a successful and rewarding year of blogging!! I haven’t made it there yet, so seeing your post is great motivation. I would say my favorite part of blogging is the sense of community and sharing of ideas. Blogging has opened my eyes to so many amazing artists, handmade goods, and just perspectives in general.

    I do follow you on GFC and am crossing my fingers to win even one of your wonderful giveaways!!


  14. happy anniversary my dear friend. i’m so glad we got to know each other and i must say: GREAT JOB. this anniversary party here is THE BOMB. love it!!

    ok now i love to blog because i make so many like-minded friends all over the world who have the same interests. and i love to share my sewing experiences and encourage people to do the same. it’s just the best idea i’ve ever had!

  15. Happy blogiversary!!
    The thing i love most about blogging is the amazing connections you can make and that you make friends in all different time zones so you have entertainment no matter what the hour :)

    I tweeted about the giveaway my twitter is @alyssatasker i dont know how to get the url link thing with the new twitter! eeek!!


  16. my favorite thing about blogging…hmmm…toughy to answer!! Probably would be that I absolutely LOVE sharing about where I live (in Korea)… it’s a wonderful way to keep the parents/family/friends updated, and a wonderful outlet for my creativity :) Happy Blogiversary Sandy!

  17. AHH Happy Blogiversary Sandy! I am so honored to be part of this event! haha.

    *My favorite part about blogging is that it’s such a free outlet. You can talk & post just about anything and even though no one might see, it’s great to just let everything out!

  18. & I dedicate my 1st EVER tweet to you! haha. I’ve had twitter for a while but I mostly just follow :D but since this is a special day… hehe

  19. Congratulations! I really enjoy reading craft-oriented blogs because it’s so exciting to see how original and creative people can be. They are all so inspiring! Thank you for the generous giveaway. Best of luck to you in your new year!

  20. First happy blogiversary, second I have never won a Sandy a la mode giveaway and I really really want this one. So keep that in mind ;)…I am just kidding I know the winners are picked at random. P.S. I follow you over on the right!

    My favorite thing about blogging is meeting amazing people like you Sandy. I just hope I am lucky enough to meet you in real life some day. I am off to tweet.

  21. I don’t know how to link to an exact tweet, but I follow you on twitter as you already know and I tweeted about your giveaway!!!

    Love you lady, so glad you have kept up blogging and have such a successful blog!!!

    **fingers crossed**

  22. Happy Blogiversary Miss Sandy!! :) One of my favorite things about blogging has been being able to meet so many knew people. :) Oh, and of course, winning giveaways,. :)

  23. Happy blogiversery!! What a generous giveaway! I like all the new ideas that comes from reading blogs. People are so creative out there!

  24. Oh, I love blogging because it allows me to share with people my tiny corner of the world and allows to me write! take photos!!, and dream!!

  25. I love sharing bits of my life with someone else and that blogging is an outlet for my creativity.
    Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Wishing you many many more :)

  26. Happy Blogiversary, Sandy! This is an awesome giveaway, for sure :)
    My favorite thing about blogging is getting to connect with other readers (share ideas, interests, etc.)

  27. happy blog anniversary, sandy! may twenty eleven may be filled with the joy of craft, food + fun on this pretty space of yours.

    my favorite things about blogging are the + energy and meeting new peeps.

    thx for a chance at such a spectacular giveaway.

  28. My favorite thing about blogging has been making really good friends like you. There’s nothing better than having a supportive, positive community of women all over the world.

  29. Happy Blogiversary!!! So happy you kept up with it because the blog world LOVES you….and so do I!!! :)

    Great giveaways! I would love the cake pops book! And I love the friendships I have made through blogging and the support I recieve from amazing women like YOU <333

  30. My favorite thing — as a blog dedicated to women — is connecting with many wonderful, smart, gorgeous, driven women out there. that’s what makes it so awesome.

    i’m a gfc and twitter follower, and a i tweeted!

  31. I’m a follower and my favorite thing about blogging is that it makes me look at life differently. It helps you start to appreciate the little things more!

  32. My favortie thing about blogging is getting to encourage other young ladies. It makes my day when they comment and tell me that i posted what they really needed today.

  33. I’ve been a blogger since 2003 and hands down, I love that I can share my faith in a free way online! Blogging allows you share whatever it is you would like to write about and no one can tell you that you can’t, or that it’s wrong. It’s yours and YOU are the author! Love it!

  34. I follow on twitter! (@piperpost)!!! Sandy, this is an AWESOME giveaway. I’m so glad that you made it a full year, and wish you many more to come. Happy Blogiversary, my dear!

  35. I love it when random people i don’t know comment on my blogs(: Just knowing that people read my stuff that i want to share, is nice!

  36. I love blogging because it gives me opportunity to write and express thoughts and encourage other people. I love reading creative blogs because it helps spur on the creativity in my head. And I love looking at photog blogs because it helps me get new perspective in my own photog company.

  37. tweeted!….

    congratulations on your 1 year! woot! woot!

    favorite thing about blogging…it’s a wonderful place to record and keep your memories, thoughts & inspirations…a journal without actually having to write it down on with paper and pen. i was never good at that and i find that online journaling is way easier and faster.

  38. my favorite is the legit friendships i’ve made. sometimes it’s weird talking to people i’ve never met, but i can’t deny that y’all are all there for me & such an encouragement to me daily!

  39. Well I’ve kinda fallen off the blogging wagon but I hope to get back to it soon. My favorite thing about blogging is getting to share my thoughts and ideas and creations with others and finding so many people that enjoy the same things I do!

  40. Happy one year Sandy!!! I can’t believe how much you have accomplished – go you! My favorite thing about blogging is that it has really opened my mind to so many things that I love. I use to like sewing a little and I use to like looking at vintage things… but now with the inspiration from so many other bloggers I have really grown to love these things! Second favorite thing about blogging? Meeting wonderful bloggy friends! :)


  41. Congrats on your one year anniversary!! You have SUCH a great blog! I loooove learning new things- cooking, photography, and now all things baby :)

    Such sweet giveaways!!

  42. My favorite thing about blogging is having a place where I can express myself and become inspired. I love all of the wonderful people I have met through blogging and am so so happy that I started it.

  43. Well, I have two blogs, one personal and one make-up related. The best part about make-up related blogging is… well, I’ve just started, but the feeling that I’m not the only one who’s makeup-obsessed and a feeling that there’s somewhere to belong is priceless. About the personal blogging… it’s therapy for me, I blog about everything that’s on my mind (whether it’s a joke or just an impression or a poem of mine)… (and about reading blogs: discover the world, get to know the styles and feelings of other people, getting tips and tricks about everything, improving my English etc.)

  44. My favorite thing about blogging so far is the friendship
    s I’ve made and the hobbies I’ve discovered! What a great year of blogging it has been for you! I can’t believe it’s only been a year! It seems like a lifetime :)

  45. Just joined via GFC. My favorite thing about blogging is the community we build around our blogs. I feel like I know the people who read my blog and whose blogs I read. Like they are old friends.

  46. My favorite thing about blogging is ‘meeting’ so many wonderful people in blogland, writing about things i love, taking photos and talking about my passions!!

  47. aaaa.. how generous you are Sandy!!!
    thanks, thanks, hanks… ;D
    wish i can win the Camera… *crossing finger ;p

    and CONGRATULATIONS for you and your blog!!
    Happy Anniversary!! ;D

    1. i love comments!! i don’t know why, but when i get a comment i feel very happy. i will immediately reply. also love to leave comment on someone’s blog.. ;D
    2. already following on twitter @azhezha
    3. tweet:!/azhezha/status/25203328270991363
    fb share:

    thanks for the giveaway dear ;)

  48. I love blogging – it’s my online journal filled with random thoughts and photos! I love seeing all the comments from people – they truly make my day!! :)

  49. First and foremost, Happy 1st Blogiversary and here is to many more! This truly is an amazing community and blogging is one of my favorite hobbies. I have horrible handwriting too, so this really is the perfect way to keep track of special moments and milestones in life. I also cannot get over the true friendships I’ve made with some ladies I’ve never actually met.

    As for the prizes, you really have outdone yourself. I haven’t made cakepops yet, but I make cake balls (same difference without the stick) around the holidays. It would be great to have Bakerlla cookbook to try new creations. I didn’t even know they made chalkboard sheets. Very cool. Photography is something I want to get my hands into. I’m dying to buy a DSLR, but we need to save up some more before we get it. Either of those toy cameras would be so fun to play with. I downloaded the Hiptasmic app on my iPhone and love using it. A gift certificate for your sponsors or the fashion gift certificate would be gone in a flash :)

    You know I am one of you newest followers and happy to be along for the ride!

  50. Hi!
    I`m a new follower thru gfc as m.t.

    I love about blogging the fact that u can keep an online journal of the things u have done/ thought over the years, that u can interact with people from all over the world and that it boosts ur self confidence.

    e-mail: miha_loves_zaf at yahoo dot com

  51. I love your blog! Its so adorable and looks great at it’s one year anniversary. I follow you on twitter and GFC. I’m a newer blogger so far I’m addicted. i love being able to share my adventures with other bloggers like you.

    I’d love to win any of your giveaways. All great things. Good luck in year two. It’s going to be so much fun!

  52. First of all, what an amazing giveaway. Second …I love blogging because it gives me motivation to finish projects and keep my life creative so that I can share it with others.

  53. Hi Sandy,

    Wow! Those prizes are amazing (wipes drool off keyboard). My favorite thing about blogging is that it is a creative outlet for me. I love reading other people’s blogs to get inspired and see what all the other crafty people are up to. I already follow you on Twitter and Google Friend Connect.

  54. Best thing about blogs is having a look into other peoples lives and interests.

    I also follow you on Twitter! :)

    Best of the luck with the blog and here is to many Blog

  55. hi! I always thought I would love blogging, the problem is I complicate things. So, I am trying to simplify. I do not get to blog as much as I would like, but when I do I love the thought of sharing something that really touched me with so many.

  56. My favorite thing of blogging has to be finding people with the same interests as myself, sharing great finds, and figuring out what my true interests are! Happy 1 year!

    ~ ~

  57. My favorite thing about blogging is connecting with people and becoming online friends. I have friends from all over the country.

  58. My favorite thing about blogging is that I can be myself and people can either love me or hate me. But my core audience gets me and loves me, and that is what matters to me.

  59. Well I follow you, of course.

    My favorite thing about blogging is the relationships you make through it. We may not know each other “in real life” but that doesn’t make these friendships any less important.

  60. My favorite thing about blogging is that I’ve “met” so many amazing people from all over the world that I would have NEVER had the opportunity to otherwise!


  61. I follow you via GFC:) My favorite part about having a blog is I can go there when I’m feeling down and be surrounded by beautiful things and lovely people. It’s my own little corner of the universe and I love it!

  62. I’ve been blogging since last March, and have already met so many wonderful ladies through this community. What’s even more cool is that I was able to connect with other ladies in my area and get to know them in person on a more personal level… all because of blogging! :)

  63. Dearest sweet sandy, happy blog anniversary!!! I am soo happy for you and congratz on the 1 amazing year!! Your giveaways and offers are awesome!!! Everything is just so yummie ad beautiful!!
    One thing i really love about blogging is the connection i made with other blogger friends!! A wonderful comminity of endless love and support!
    Wishing you many many more years of blogging and i will be with you all the way side by side sharing all your awesome adventures! I am already a follower of your blog and on twitter! Have a lovely merry happy day sweet friend and lots of love to you!

  64. besides being one of the first boys to comment…I love following blogs because it exposes you to the insight and intellect of friends that you may never normally see. We all have so much going on inside our heads and blogging provides a creative outlet…often the complete opposite of the buttoned up professional lives we lead.

  65. yay thanks for such a great giveaway! i don’t have a blog- my life is not interesting enough, nor am i! However, I love reading blogs to get inspiration and motivation to live life to the fulliest :) thanks

  66. my favorite part about blogging is finding what i like and sharing it with everyone to see. its like appreciating someone’s work and telling people about it. :-)

  67. I am a new follower! What a cool giveaway! Happy Blogiversary! :)

    My favorite part of blogging is just this ~ skimming blogs, meeting new people that have stuff in common with me. I especially love being able to find women my age who also craft and sell their wares via etsy, artfire, whatever… it’s empowering to know I’m not the only one :)


  68. My favorite part about reading blogs is learning tips, recipes, and advice that support my interests and hobbies. My favorite part about reading YOUR blog is learning more about your creativity. It’s motivating to know someone so dedicated and consistent with her blog. I think you should be very proud of how successful your blog has become. Only for you did I Follow & Tweet, friend! (@sweetnews15)

    Happy 1st Blogiversary!

  69. I started blogging about a year and a half before I took my college English class, but when the semester started, she told us it was required to have/keep a blog. I was thrilled! We had to blog every day, and it really helped me get into the flow of blogging, and I became much more “approachable” as a blogger. I looove blogging because I have gained sooo many new friends through it. It’s awesome <3

  70. My fave thing about blogging is just allowing it to take you places. I never really have a plan when I blog…I kinda just think of what I’m feeling and let my fingers type. Somehow a story comes up or a memory or some random fact. I surprise myself, for sure. =)

    Great blog btw.

  71. Happy Blogiversary, dear!! I follow your lovely blog, of course! :]

    I love that blogging keeps you motivated to get the things done you want to do… I don’t think I’d have done half as many crafts this past year if I hadn’t been blogging about them!

  72. Hi Sandy, I love blogging for all the reasons you stated, especially the meeting new friends part. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! It was nice to meet you! Congrats on one year of blogging and for the generous giveaway!

  73. My favorite thing is the community blogging builds. Some of my best friends I’ve never even met. Amazing people from all over the world, you included, have landed in my life because of blogging.

    I am blessed.

  74. aw yay congrats girl on your 1 yr! that’s AWESOME!!

    What I love about blogging is being able to meet new friends on here :) I just wish I have more time to blog, maybe after the baby :D

    Congrats again!

  75. I love that blogging gives me an outlet to practice my writing and keeps me motivated to do the things I want to blog about!

  76. I love being able to look around sites like Etsy and Flickr and find things I might not otherwise have taken the time to search for. I’m just starting in the great, big world of blogging, but I’m hoping to stick with it this year, regardless of how busy I am!

  77. Hi Sandy! What a lovely idea, I’m so happy to see your blog has been so successful for an entire year!

    I love reading my favorite blogs because they truly inspire me in more ways than one. Running my little Etsy business has actually exposed me to so many of the blogs I read (including yours!) which is something I never expected. I love the feeling of community I feel jumping back and forth between Etsy, blogs + Twitter. And of course I love seeing my headbands and accessories featured on such cute blogs! All in all, I love reading my blogs because the creativity I see always seems to rub off on me. I always end up finding a fun project to try, or a new DIY website, or a recipe, or a great clothing company, anything really.

    Oh, I’m not sure if we should specify which giveaway we are entering? If so, I’d love to be entered in Giveaway #3 – the camera. I’ve been dreaming of owning one of those camera for years and years. Eeeee I’m so excited! Have fun with the giveaway!

  78. My favorite thing about blogging is getting to know other people through their blogs! I also think my fashion sense has gotten a little better since seeing everyone else’s amazing style ;)

  79. i love reading tutorials on blogs.. and cute shop features. i need to jump back on board with my blogging! eeeeek!

  80. I personally love blogging to express my ideas and to vent! I love reading blogs to see all the creative ideas and thoughts of others from around the world!

  81. First off.. a Huge Congrats for your one year blogiversary♥ you blog is great!

    I am a follower!

    My favorite thing about blogging is meeting great people & also expressing myself & have others read & like what you post :)

  82. Happy blog anniversary Sandy!!! So exciting!
    I’m a follower of course and I just really love the community! There are so many awesome ladies out there!!!

  83. Congrats on one year of beautiful blogging doll! My favorite part of blogging is the awesome creative outlet it gives me and all the amazing people I’ve met along the way!

  84. Congratulations on your blogiversary! This is such a generous giveaway!

    I love to blog because it’s a nice outlet when I need to vent or just simply share my thoughts. I love reading other blogs even more. I get a lot of inspiration and wonderful ideas (for food, clothing, decorating, etc.) from other bloggers.

    I also follow you on Twitter. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

  85. Happy 1st Blogiversary, Sandy!! :) My favorite part of blogging is being able to share my random thoughts and hopes with lots of great people and becoming friends with these same great people. :)

  86. high five! we both started blogging in 2010 :)

    for me blogging is my creative outlet, idk how i would’ve gotten through 2010 without blogging. i’ve also met a lot of other blogger gals and am developing amazing friendships. for me what blogging boils down to is the love of getting inspired and inspiring others :)


    p.s. – i tweeted (meesow00)

  87. I don’t have a blog, but am addicted to reading blogs: fashion, cooking, crafting…my fave thing, besides that I learn a lot about how to do “stuff” is that I am so impressed and awed by everyone’s talents that it makes me happy that I can at least share a little in your successes and triumphs in your lives.
    follow on gfc as jhb.

  88. I have attempted to start a blog a billion times… so for now I remain a loyal follower of many. I love reading on fashion, food and fun ideas about anything!

    Congrats on the 1 year! It’s been awesome and keep on the great work!

  89. Happy blogoversary Sandy! I love blogs because of the constant inspiration out there. And yours has definitely been a place of beautiful inspiration this year.

  90. congratulations on your blogiversary! it’s truly remarkable what you’ve built up in just one year. : ) very inspiring!

    and yes, i’m a follower!

  91. I love all the positive fun inspiration found in blogs. Love great pics of anything from daily life to craft tutorials, organizing to fashion..

  92. Congratulations, Sandy! you’ve created such a beautiful blogging space. i follow u on FB & Twitter, and my fave things about blogging are having somewhere to log my crafts and things i see around, and getting to know other bloggers with wonderful ideas!

  93. oh, i hope it’s okay for me to enter these as well! i follow via GFC, of course. ♥ hm… my favorite thing about blogging would have to be just the fact that i can express myself through my blog and just being able to share what’s on my mind or heart with other people. ♥

  94. Followed you under Mary Rebecca

    My favorite part of blogging is getting to share my life and interests with others, and by doing so making friends I might not have never known otherwise!

  95. What an awesome giveaway! Congrats on the blogiversary!

    I love blogging because i get to meet some awesome people and learn about their interesting lives :)

  96. Amazing giveaway! I love blogging because it’s something that I can look back on from years to come, whether it be of memories I’ve made, outfits I’ve worn, etc!

  97. Congrats on one year, Sandy! My one year is coming up at the end of the month, and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met. That has to be my favorite thing! All the creativity and inspiration that people like you have brought to my life- it has really helped me get back on my feet after quitting my corporate job!

    p.s. Evan is just precious!

  98. My favorite thing about blogging is getting to document my life and the ability to meet and connect with SO MANY awesome people. Such as yourself! <3

  99. I love blogging for a few reasons….one a creative outlet but the biggest bonus connecting with so many wonderful ladies!

  100. I enjoy reading blogs because of the fantastic ideas…. nothing like getting the juices flowing! Thank you!

  101. New to the blogosphere, but my favorite part right now is the hope that someday someone will use my inspiration to create something wholly and uniquely their own!

  102. Oh my goodness how I would love to WIN one of those lovely prizes!. My favorite thing about blogging? I love being able to be myself and post anything I want because its my space, without any judgments from anyone else. Its perfect me time allowing me to connect with people all over the world.

  103. i like reading blogs that are positive and fun to look at
    i blog about giveaways ..
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  104. Happy one year blogiversary! What a generous giveaway as well!

    My favorite thing about blogging is the community of blogging friends! It’s so amazing to find a lot of people with similar taste and such. Love it!

  105. this is one of the most amazing (and GENEROUS) giveaways i’ve seen!! wow, i would LOVE to win any one of the prizes!! great job putting this together sandy!! :)

    oh and my favorite thing about blogging is all of the encouraging ladies (such as yourself) :)

  106. Like you, I think that having a blog inspires me to craft more! And that’s what I love most about it. Second favorite thing is seeing what other people are creating.

  107. happy blogiversary! your blog is wonderful & i’m a follower!! my favorite thing about blogging…since i’m so terrible at updating… is gathering up masses of inspiration from all the wonderful blogs out there!

  108. Favorite thing about blogging has got to be meeting new people. If I love the glimpse it gives into the life of the writer. And, it’s how I met Sandy!!

  109. Happy year anniversary, that is so great!! I think mine is coming up this month too, I need to look in to that, haha :) Thanks for your generous generous heart, I love everything you’re giving away. I think my favorite thing about blogging is having this whole set of new friends :) And I follow you on Twitter!

  110. Wow – first of all a huge congrats. I have been blogging for a little over a year and don’t intend to stop anytime soon. I love it and agree with all of your advice. And thanks for all the amazing goodies you are giving away!

  111. Happy Anniversary! I don’t actually blog (yet) but I absolutely LOVE following because I learn new diy projects. You have some of the most creative posts and I’m so happy to have stumbled upon your blog. If I wasn’t fasting Twitter right now (yes… I’m addicted), I would be tweeting like crazy for you.

  112. One whole year! Yay!!
    I am not a blogger (I’m seriously considering starting one, though) but I LOVE to read blogs. I spend an embarrassing amount of time reading them. I love when I feel inspired by someone to try a new recipe or a new craft.

  113. My favorite thing about blogging, truly, is the opportunity to write in a place where people are caring, supportive & appreciative – to be able to put my words to paper (errr, computer) & for others to not just listen but to LIKE them. I never began for the community, just for the outlet, but I am so pleased to have found both.

    (Also: GREAT GIVEAWAYS. Pick me, pick me! My fingers are so crossed.)

  114. What an awesome giveaway!!

    I follow you! My favorite thing about blogging is the comments lol. I know that sounds bad, but really that’s what it’s all about, the interaction!

    Also – just a tip with Twitter.. You don’t want your @ name first in a tweet or it won’t show up on your followers regular feed– it will just show up between you and the person who tweeted it. So, the last example is great, but I would reword the first two! :)

  115. I follow you via GFC (erin.nicole). One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to share my thoughts and opinions…to other people who actually read it. It’s nice to get other people’s opinions, people who don’t necessarily know you. And I love reading other people’s blogs for the product reviews, and just for a glimpse into other people’s lives. It can be so interesting, I love how you feel like you know some people but have actually never met!

  116. I love making connections and “meeting” new people. I’ve met so many amazing women, that I have a lot in common with, that I never would have come in contact with if it had not been for blogging. I love that!

  117. My favorite thing about blogging is that I’m able to push myself to be more creative. I know that someone out there will eventually read what I write, and I want them to feel like I haven’t wasted their time. I love that I’m able to convey my thoughts & feelings through various posts!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!


  118. Hi! I love blogging because it lets others get a little view into my wonderful life! And vice versa as to why I love reading others blogs. :)

    p.s. I follow you on twitland!
    p.s.s I’m from Kansas City too! Wahoo. :)

  119. Love to blog & post photos. Love to meet new people via Twitter, blogs & crafty-ness. I have met some great girls thru Twitter! Blogging makes me realize this is a *small world*. Isn’t that crazy? =) Love to see how others live their life, as well as I know I’m not alone on many things.

    *I’m a follower! =)

  120. My favorite thing about reading blogs is the personality. Each one is different just like each person is different. Always something new and exciting!

  121. My favorite thing about blogging is to share my important milestones in my life and experiences with family and friends. Congrats Sandy! You made it!

  122. Wow, Sandy, this is an incredibly generous giveaway!! Congrats on one wonderful year of blogging!

    My favorite part about blogging is the connections I’ve made. I love meeting people from all over the world!

  123. I follow you on Google Friend Connect. I like reading blogs for the great ideas and new angle on things. Especially love tutorials.

  124. The best thing about blogging is the connection readers! I love this community. I started my blog when I was unemployed and felt alone. I love the connection of similar interests I feel with fellow bloggers.

  125. holy cow!!! what a fantastic line up of giveaways! CONGRATS on this blogiversary! <–great word! :D what i love about reading other people's blog is the amount of inspiration i get from them. it's endless and i can spend hours just looking at all the beautiful things.

  126. I’m a new follower…what a great time to join up, haha. My favorite thing about blogging is that it’s a creative outlet, and my favorite thing about reading blogs is the inspiration other people around the world give me.

  127. Congratulations on your one year blog anniversary!! And I can’t wait to meet you in person at our KC Blogger meet up–I’m so excited!!
    Here’s to many more years of success with your blog!
    My favorite thing about blogging is the community. I’ve met (or semi met) the coolest people since I started my blog!

  128. Congratulations on one year! Yay!! I love the inspiration and community offered by blogs and bloggers–finding people that have common interests and passions.

  129. Wow – you’ve only been blogging a year?! Love always coming here for new ideas. Keep it up.

    What I love about blogging: it’s a perfect mesh of my two favorite things, writing and my family. It’s not for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

  130. I love blogging because it makes me feel like there are others out there with me. I love reading about others who don’t want to go out on New Years or who are promising to lose 20 pounds in 2011! I’m just loving blogging so far and am so glad I found your blog!

  131. Oh my my what a lovely giveaway!
    So many gorgeous things here :)
    Congratulations on your one year blogiversary!! Woohoo!

    My favorite thing about blogging has definitely got to be getting to meet all the different bloggers out there and seeing all the fun amazing things they do and just being a part of the whole blogging community :)

    Good luck to everyone!


  132. sandy, soooooo excited about your blogiversary!!! i hope for many more blog birthdays for you, friend!!!

    what i love about blogging – its a creative outlet for me! i love being creative in all sorts of ways – and this is def. one of my fave ways of doing it!!

  133. I absolutely love seeing the photographs of things that inspire bloggers! And of course the cute craft/diy stuff ;)

    and finding etsy shops to check out….wait that’s three favorite things about reading blogs…

  134. i remember when you were thinking about doing a blog like this.. so exciting! :)

    i haven’t blogged in a loooong while. i’m a busy gal these days!

  135. Wonderful giveaway! I never win these things but it doesn’t keep me from trying. I’ve been enjoying your blog for several months now. I started a blog recently and I really enjoy the “creative outlet” aspect of it so far. If you could write a post about how you became such a successful blogger in such a short period of time, I think it would be very helpful and inspiring to as aspiring bloggers :)

  136. oops, never mind my request. i see that you already offered tips on successful blogging in your most recent post! thanks for that! if you’ve got anymore nuggets of wisdom, would love to hear it!

  137. Just found your blog…Thanks for sharing. I love all the great ideas I gather from reading great blogs like yours!

  138. holy moly there’s a lot of stiff competition here in this giveaway! Is this the Pioneer Woman’s site and are you giving a way a Canon DSLR? :) The thing I love most about blogging is getting inspired by reading other people’s blogs.

  139. congrats and happy one-year sandy a-la-mode! so proud of you!!! looking forward to seeing you this year. <3

  140. My favorite thing about blogging is before and after pictures. I love looking at what I’ve done or what the people whose blogs I read have done. I’m a before and after junkie!

  141. Congrats Sandy! So glad we were able to connect recently. My favorite part about blogging is being able to share my favorite recipes with people and connecting with new friends and fellow bloggers like yourself!

  142. my fave thing about blogging is the opportunity it gives me to connect with people I wouldn’t normally connect with – same goes with reading other blogs. It’s one of my fave pasttimes!

  143. OMG this is SUPER generous of you! And congrats to one year of blogging :) My favorite part of blogging sharing the aesthetics of artists + crafters I adore and that people actually like them! I used to intern in a magazine and I’m deeply influenced by magazine editorial – I love themes and stuff and although it takes up quite a bit of time I really love putting up new posts to share!

    Thanks for the givveaway!

  144. Hi Sandy! Happy blogiversary to you! Wow, can’t believe it’s already been a year…and you’ve done SUCH a great job keeping up on your blog posts. It’s definitely inspired me to keep up with mine.

    I blog because it gives me a creative outlet and serves as me “escape” from the otherwise chaotic life. I love reading other blogs, like yours, because it inspires me and helps to keep my creative juices flowing.


  145. I love writing blogs, because I get to share my life and what i’m interested in. I miss writing poems on my blog. I hope to get more personal this year. Blogging has become part of my life – Reading, writing, sharing, commenting, etc.


  146. My absolute favourite thing about blogging is the sense of belonging and community. Sometimes I feel like such a dork saying this, but blogging has added an enormous amount of happiness to my life. <3

  147. Happy, Happy, Blogiversary, Sandy!! So happy to have met you!! I have always enjoyed writing since I was a little girl, and I love meeting new friends so blogging is a great opportunity for both. I also enjoy sharing a little bit of the world through my eyes…my vision…with my friends, customers, and new friends. What I truly love is receiving a comment or email letting me know that someone enjoyed my blog, some of my photography, or that they felt inspired in some way after their visit. That touches my heart, and that is what I truly hope for…adding a little smile to someone’s day! :)



  148. My favorite thing about blogging is being a part of a wonderful community! I absolutely love all the support, and encouragement I have received from all my great blogger friends over the years, I am very thankful for them and that!

  149. My fav thing about blogging is that I get to share online with my friends and family … and I have gotten to meet new friends as a result of blogging …

  150. I am a blog follower & happy Blogoversary to you!!

    My favorite things about blogging are saving all of my memories for my son to read one day & connecting with all these lovely ladies from all over the world. Blogging fosters a fabulous community of people. :)

  151. i love blogging because i’m able to connect with all sorts of different people and love reading blogs because they leave me constantly inspired!

  152. Thanks for the super giveaways. I like getting inspiration + learning new things from other bloggers! I like blogging because it allows me to create something that’s my own! =)

  153. Congrats Sandy on your 1 year blogiversary!!!!! You constantly inspire me – I think that’s my fave part of blogging – this wonderful community!!

  154. Congrats on anniversary and thanks for the giveaway~ I’m a new follower… and what I like most about reading blogs is finding all this creativity!!

  155. I love blogging because I have made so many friends through this wonderful blogsphere and in particular I have made a friend who I know will remain for the rest of my life.

  156. My #1 favorite thing about blogging/reading blogs is that it’s like having a subscription to ALL your favorite magazines EVERY day!

    I tweeted about your blogiversary, followed you on Twitter, and re-tweeted your tweet; that’s 3 correct?! :)

  157. I just started my blog so I’m updating from when my hubby and I first met up til now so that I can print it into a book and have it forever! Love that I can do that!
    Once that’s all caught up I’m excited to get creative, tell funny stories, and post cute pictures :) I love blogstalking as well haha!

  158. I’m coming up on my one year soon and I feel the exact same as you! I love blogging because it allows me to do, everyday, what I I most love to do. And that’s spotting stylish items and share them with the masses! Nearly everyday I shop for myself, my readers and my clients but then I post instead of buy. You know, come to think of it, it’s kind of a cathartic way to live :)

  159. wow, what a sweet way to celebrate your first year – congrats!
    my favorite part of blogging is…connecting + sharing with people who have the same interests. it is endlessly inspiring!

  160. Favorite thing about blogging is meeting such incredible people who not only supportive {insert Sandy’s name here} and really creative too {insert Sandy’s name again}. Congratulations of your Blogiversary!!!

  161. My favorite thing about blogging is that its an outlet for me, as well as a chronicle of my life. I also love that there is such a huge and supportive community in blogging. I’ve “met” some really amazing fellow bloggers through my little blog.

  162. I love to blog because it is a great way for me to talk about the things going on in my world. My blog and reading other blogs inspires me to explore my creative side (which I barely knew I had before).

  163. Congrats on your blogiversary! I know it sounds like a cliche but I blog because it’s my way of getting all the crazy ideas that I have out from pinging around in my head. Plus, how many times can I share something with hubby and all he says is ‘that’s cool’?

  164. I love that makes me think of new recipes, new workouts, and just in general keeps me on my toes. It also makes me more aware of my day-to-day activities. What makes ME so special? What did I do today, or what can I do today, to make a great blog post?

  165. Congrats Sandy for your blogiversary!

    The thing I like about blogs is to read what other people likes and maybe discover that I like that same things!

    Then start to have new friends all around the world! ;)

  166. Blogging is a creative outlet for me and makes me feel connected with other through things that inspire me. I love the blogger sense of community as well!


  167. My favorite thing about blogging sounds a lot like yours. I have created this amazingly unexpected network of friends and supporters that I NEVER would have met in any other way! It motivates me to keep the blog going!

  168. Blogging allows me enter a fabulous dream world with beautiful fashion, design, food, fun…I really think I would go crazy without it! I get to pretend I live a fabulous life even when I’m home in my sweats:)

    Congrats on a year. I’m fairly new, so I look forward to celebrating my anniversary!

    The Cheeky Cafe

  169. My favorite thing about blogging is that I get to write my thoughts and ideas, connect with other women, support and encourage other women, and feel a part of a community.

  170. DANG IT! I wanted to be GFC #600, but I’m #601. :(

    I’ve only been blogging since November, but my favorite part of blogging has def been the community, and how sweet all the girls that have dropped by my blog are. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and not to mention, their outfits are always so inspiring!

  171. i love blogging creative things I’ve actually done, and reading blog posts from others about things they’ve actually done! At some point, too much inspiration is just silly…you gotta make it happen!

  172. Congratulations on your Blog – Anniversary!!! How exciting ;) Im three months away from my one year anniversary! What I love about blogging is all the GREAT and SWEET friends that Ive made and how I’ve been able to connect with so many of my them! ;). I am a follower ;)

  173. I would have to say my fav thing is that I get to be myself and express what I like and generally put what I’m thinking out of my mind :)

    And, getting to promote others is fun b/c I enjoy helping others reach their goals and every step counts!

  174. What a lovely series of giveaways!! Please do count me in! I will also be making a post referencing your giveaway! Thank you so much!

  175. My favorite thing about blogging is sharing my adventures/creations with my family scattered all over!

    I now follow you on Twitter and tweeted about you! Check out @MrsAVoigt

  176. hi. I love blogging because it is way to express yourself and you get to be in contact with people you would not have been in contact with before.

  177. Just wanted to say congrats on your blog-iversay! You’ve done amazing things in just one year. I love the blog community and how cool/fun/supportive everyone is. I can’t wait to see all the great inspiration you find in the next year! Cheers to you darling.

  178. my favorite thing about reading blogs is finding out new ideas for so many things like outfits, crafting etc.! it’s a great way for me to learn new things that i never would have thought of! p.s. your blog is amazing!

  179. I learn something new everyday with wonderful blogs like yours. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.

  180. I love reading blogs to see different websites/online shops that I wouldn’t have otherwise heard of. Great contest – thank you!

  181. This is such an amazing giveaway!! I love blogging for so many reasons, but mainly because the blogosphere is so supportive. I’ve never met so many nice people and I have yet to encounter anything negative. I’ve been so inspired by so many different blogs and now I’m an avid baker and knitter and have dabbled into other projects that I wouldn’t have ever given thought to before. I think it’s changed my outlook on a lot of things and has made me far more creative. Gotta love that. Happy bloggie birthday!

  182. WOW! I really really want to win! How kind of you to have such an exceptional giveaway!!
    I love to blog because I can be inspired and inspire others. My blog is all about finding beauty in simple things and after a long and stressful day, my blog is my saving grace.

    Happy Blogiversary!
    xo. Melisa

  183. First, congrats on your one year blogiversary!
    As a fellow blogger, I know how difficult it is to build a following, and it looks like you have done an amazing job. I am loving your blog, so many creative things and i love everything you offer to your readers. As for what I get from blogging, I love that I can express myself (my blog is fashion based) and what I feel about what is going on in the fashion world, as well as share fashion news with my readers.
    I’ll be sure to blog about your giveaway on my blog as well as tweet about it!
    Thanks for the opp (sorry for the novel I’m writing lol) take care! : )

  184. Hmmm my favorite thing about blogging? That is SO hard! I would say that it is definitely the community building that happens through blogging – I have met so many awesome people through my blogging experiences! It makes my heart happy.

  185. My blog reader is full of everything from natural living, to home decor, to personal diary-style blogs, to frugal living—and I love that each ones gives me so many ways to look at how others live, and a way to look at things from a perspective I might not otherwise have gotten to see. (Congrats on your blog-iversary, by the way!) :)

  186. Congratulations on your one year blogiversary! It was one of my NY Resolutions to start one since I read so many of them. Yours is gorgeous!

    It’s awesome your doing this kind of giveaway! Got all my entries in : )

  187. I love blogging because of the support of the blogging community and all of the fun things I find that I probably wouldn’t know otherwise.

  188. My favorite thing about blogging and reading blogs is learning new things and being able to connect with people I would have never met otherwise. :)

  189. i just started blogging, and i don’t know if i have a favorite yet. No one ever told me how hard it would be to keep up on my blog! But I do love to read MANY, MANY blogs!

  190. I’m a wedding and special event coordinator and am about to relaunch my blog. I love reading blogs and this one is great! There are many cute ideas for gifts and for myself!!
    Happy Blogiversary!

  191. I have a blog as a journal of sorts – I try to keep it updated with family happenings, but lately it hasn’t been much more than pregnancy updates every week. I prefer to read blogs for the eye candy – beautiful words, pictures, families, etc.

  192. Following you via GFC.
    And I love reading blogs because it makes me feel like I’m part of a community.

  193. My favorite thing about blogging is being able to be creative. It is my space, and if people like it, they like it, if they don’t they don’t. The thing is it is part of me and can always be changing towards my preferences.

  194. I follow you on Google Friend Connect.. my favorite part about blogging is staying connected with friends and family since I moved far away!

  195. I love reading blogs for far too many reasons to list, but I’ll try: I’ve always been a bit socially awkward and although getting to know people through a screen may be a bit weird, I feel like I know everyone who I follow. I get loads of creativity and life advice and it’s just generally fun.

  196. Dear Sandy, My congratulations again on your anniversary! You’ve taken to blogging like no one else I’ve ever seen and are destined for great things, my friend. What an amazing celebration you’ve put together with all these wonderful giveaways and discounts. Thank you!! xo – g

  197. Cool giveaway! =) I love blogging because I’m kind of a loner (I like being one, by the way), but I like to get to know people … sounds contradictory, I know! But it’s not. It’s easier for me to meet people this way. I need to have things in common with my friends so blogs have connected me with people I share things with (taste for clothes, tea, you name it). I’ve met a few people in this medium and in person later; they’ve all become good friends of mine and we hang out on a regular basis :).


  198. I’m a relatively new blogger and haven’t yet gotten into the swing of things! What I love about reading blogs is the inspiration it gives me, and seeing what people in other parts of the world do on a day to day basis.

  199. Your blog is so beautiful, fun and inspiring! I read a few In the morning when my newborn is napping. I love being inspired, challenged and having a little eye candy to start the day! Thanks for blogging! Xx

  200. I love that I get to meet so many fabulous ppl like you via blogging! Congrats on reaching 1 yr! Woot woot!!
    Craftaholicsanon at gmail dot com

  201. The thing i love about blogging is it helps me keep track of all the fun things I get up to in my life and also the illustrations I do for myself and various magazines. Its wonderful!

    Did you see? @sandyalamode is celebrating her one year blogiversary with a GIVEAWAY! Enter to win one of the 5 prizes!
    2 minutes ago Favorite Reply Delete

  202. Hi! Well done on the 1st year!

    I love blogging because it’s a fantastic way to show people what you’ve been working on, plus they can comment! It opens you up to hundreds of people, and you can get an idea of what people think of your work!


  203. I am a follower through Google Friend Connect, feel free to check out mine sometime too if you’re ever looking to check out a new blog :

    I started the new year with my very own blog after admiring everyone else’s. I have always loved taking pictures and decided I wanted to better my skills. It has turned into more than a hobby for me, its a way to get my thoughts out of my head and share my stories with friends, family and strangers. Love you’re blog by the way :)

  204. I follow! My favorite thing about blogging is having this bizarre but fantastic connection with all of the great people in the blog world. omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

  205. the ppl you meet are some of the best friends you’ll have! i love being the adopted sister to ilene from much love illy and the friend that chat with maggie from gussy sews about dating. oh, and kim from oh sweet joy and ruthanne from eclectic whatnot are the best as well!
    and, of course, you sandy! i love your style and your vibe! ;)

  206. I love being inspired by reading other’s blogs – I’ve not been gutsy enough yet to put myself out there on the blog world (working on the being brave bit) but hopefully soon. Congratulations!

  207. My favorite thing about blogging is the push it gives me to take and actually go through and process my photos. Photography makes me aware of the beauty in every day life…

  208. I moved fairly recently, so reading blogs makes me feel like I have girl friends who share their recipes, ideas, tips and projects! In real life, the best I can usually get is a phone call from a dear friend.

    Wow. I sound a lot lamer than I am. I promise!

  209. My favorite thing about blogging is that it gives me the opportunity to write and express my personality and interests, and it connects you to people who feel the same! I also feel like it drives me to do different and interesting things, just because when you do cool things, you get to blog about them!

  210. i like how i’m not really obliged to regularly update my blog. that means less readers, but since the blog’s mostly for me to practice writing and photography, it doesn’t really matter. and i like looking at pretty pictures and beautiful words when i read other people’s blogs. like the pictures on this blog, for instance! so yeah, that’s my two cents :)

  211. What I love about blogging is the chance to write about what’s on my mind and meet other bloggers and read what’s on their mind.

  212. my favorite thing about blogging is sharing all sorts of wonderful things with the world – pretty pictures, ideas to make the world a better place, & friendships!

  213. Wow Sandy, what a great reaction you have gotten! Not that I had any doubt! I love blogging because of the people I have met and have connected too. I never expected to meet so many awesome people. This just proves it! I am already a follower of yours on your blog. :-)

  214. I’m a follower!!! I love blogging because I feel connected to the fashion world and its nice to know I’m not the only one in love with clothes!!

  215. i am thoroughly embarrassed to say i thought i already followed your blog! clearly i am silly.

    my favorite thing about blogging is all of the inspiration i have received in the short time i have been doing it! and also, i feel like it makes the world a smaller place since i get to “meet” people from places all over!

  216. How have I not commented on this yet? I think it’s because I read it when I was on my phone, and I can never seem to comment correctly from my phone. ANYWAY, happy one year of blogging! I seriously can’t believe you have only been doing this for a year, you seriously seem like a pro! Even looking back at your first few entries, it still seems like you have been doing it for a while! Guess you’re just a pro blogger! ;)

    This is SUCH an amazing giveaway! You’re such a sweet & thoughtful girl!!!!!

    My favourite thing about blogging is the amazing community! There are so many wonderful people and I would never have had the chance to “meet” them without blogging! So glad that I started. :)

  217. hi sandy!
    congrats & happy blog birthday!
    my fave thing about blogging is definitely meeting super creative & friendly people!

    thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

  218. I love blogging because I met so many great gals! Gals that I would never meet & lives that I wouldn’t share with if it weren’t for the interwebs!

  219. my favourite part of reading blogs is getting to be a little fly in the wall on the lifestyles of people all around the world. it makes my world bigger and sunnier. and in return, i blog to show people my world too :)

  220. My favorite thing about blogs is peeking into someone’s life and lifestyle. I love seeing other people’s photography and their composition.

    I like to display in my blog different events I go to and things I wear and buy and getting feedback on it all.

  221. Blogging is something fairly new to me but I like reading other peoples! There always seems to be new things to learn or have an “aha” moment about aspects of others lives. Always interesting. Thanks for your blog and congratulations!

  222. I love connecting with readers…when someone comments that they agree with me or they’ve had the same thought or anything like that, it makes my day! It’s nice to know you’re “not the only one” out there, ya know?

  223. i am a follower of course! and my favorite thing about blogging is having a place where i keep all my favorite finds and at the same time, share about things in my life :) thanks for the chance!

  224. just followed.. congrats on the blogiversary! my fave thing about blogging is logging my style faux pas. i know that sounds weird, but it’s interesting to see how my style and inspirations evolve. i’m usually embarrassed by my past photos, but i tell myself that it’s ok.. we live and we learn. x

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