A Blog Tour Of My New Design!

What an exciting week this is! It’s a 3 day work week, the weather is actually pretty warm, I get to eat whatever we want on Thursday with no questions asked, thoughts of thankfulness will be flying around, and oh yea, did you notice a change around here?  I’ve put on my best museum tour guide look so I could show you around!!

First, I have a new blog header!  And it contains my favorite pattern of the moment – polka dots, woot!  It’s clean, simple, and modern.

The main pages are up there.  Click Home to take you back to the Home page, duh.  The About page tells you more about me and my blog although I still need to update it.  The Contact page has all my email and blog buttons with a bunch of different sizes if you want to take one.  The Advertise page gives you some details about my blog but you’ll still need to email me if interested in Sponsorship opportunities! And my Blogroll used to drag and drag all the way down the right side of my blog, but I’ve decided to move them up to a Page up top.  We’re still working on getting it added, so you’ll have to check back later to see if you can spot your blog in there!

Here’s some more information about me and all my social media sites if you want to see everything I am eating on Instagram and want inside every thought that goes through my brain on Twitter.  Or if you want to search through my blog posts for maternity fashion, dessert recipes, or pictures of my baby (creeeeepster).

And over here, we have my fabulous sponsors and partners who provide me with endless love and support.  Love these folks and I think you should go check them out.  Actually, I demand you to.  Also, fun things I’ve joined buttons are over here as well!

And if you scroll wayyyyyy down to the bottom, you can find more about the mastermind behind my blog redesign, Yellow & Savvy Designs.  I must say, anyone who can be patient enough through my indecisiveness, gets bonus points.

Jacket c/o Conversation Pieces | Skirt: Target | Shoes: Steve Madden | Headband: Much Love, Illy | Bracelet c/o Olive + Piper

There you have it.  What do you think?  Like the new look?  And now a little bit about this outfit.  Doesn’t it seriously remind you of being a museum tour guide?  I love the sequins AND the lace on it.  And the fact that my beautiful poppy headband matches the skirt and reminds me of Christmas/the holidays.  Oh and to tie it all together is my new favorite bracelet that pretty much matches with ANY outfit since it’s got a mix of metals on it!

Well, hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving week (for those of you who celebrate it)!  This isn’t goodbye for the week by any means, I’ll be back here every day this week with what I am thankful for list, another outfit post and some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals so don’t forget to check back!

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  1. Sandy! Love the new design of your blog! Love how you posed and they are so cute! Such a great idea to tour your new design!

  2. LOVE the blog design! It’s so refreshing and just perfect for your site. You look wonderful as per usual :) and heck yeah to the 3 day work week! I am already on vacation mode.. uh oh.

    Hope you have a great turkey day!

  3. Dearest sweet sandy, so happy to be back here visiting you!!! OMG your blog makeover is amazing!! I love love love! So chic and beautiful!! She really did an amazing work on it. I should have a blog makeover too some time! Have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!

  4. Okay, I am in love with the new header, is it so wonderfully crisp and clean- but I also love that outfit, the teal is so gorgeous with your complexion; radiant!

  5. Wow! LOVE the new look! It’s beautiful and the color palette is so sweet. The new heading may be my favorite! Great job! Happy Thanksgiving :)

  6. ooh man you are too cute! you remind me of a flight attendant! a pretty one. and that pulled pork down below looks amazing.
    following you now :)


  7. Sandy this is ADORABLE! Possibly the cutest post in the history of blog posts, and the new look is darling! Also, so in love with your jacket. xx

  8. aww, i loved your blog tour!
    what a creative way to show
    off your new (super cute) layout!

    love the dots ^_^

    and your outfit, too! the hunter
    green headband & skirt are a perfect

  9. I like the new look, especially with the chalkboard-y buttons on the left and polka dots up top :)

    Cute skirt from Target!!

  10. Sandy,
    I am LOVING it! Looks just amazing.
    And this outfit is the perfect intro look…it is definitely a favorite of mine. LOVE this green on you. Gorg.

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