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Austin’s 1st Birthday (At Home) Party!

posted: 01.21.13 | 31 comments

Thank you to all that have voted for me so far! There are only 2 days left of this contest, so please please continue to VOTE for me (again) today!! It’s time for another big reveal! Yes, Austin had 2 parties for his 1st birthday. One in California and one at home. And I officially [...]

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Austin’s 1st Birthday – Joint Party!

posted: 01.06.13 | 34 comments

Whew! I must say these past few weeks have been quite crazy! With Christmas, New Years and Austin’s 1st birthday parties all around the same time, the holidays will forever be a busy time for us. I’m a bit relieved that it’s all over now, and glad I can relive the moments through photos. Austin [...]

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Austin’s MyUbby Blanket and Thank You

posted: 06.15.12 | 19 comments

Hi Mommy’s friends.  This is baby Austin taking over the blog for today.  I recently found my new favorite blankie and I just wanted to share it with you all.  My mama went on to the MyUbby website and personalized it just to my liking.  She put blue / large white polka dots on one [...]

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The Bad and The Good

posted: 05.02.12 | 35 comments

Life lately has been super overwhelming.  I’m tired all the time and have a million things I need and want to do.  And because I work better in list form, here’s some of the bad and some of the good.  The Bad, Stressful and Ugly 1. Been driving around a huge Chevy Impala rental car [...]

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