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Hello Mint + Nordstrom Giveaway!

posted: 02.18.15 | 11 comments

Mint in my bag, necklace and skirt… I just love it when things go so well together like that!!  Oh and did you notice the orange on the shoes goes with the orange on my skirt too?  Plus, that gold jacket is one of my fave jackets foreals, I feel like it makes any outfit [...]

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Babywearing with a Roo Sling + Giveaway!

posted: 02.04.15 | 84 comments

Babywearing, I’ve just got to say that I love it (and so does Vivian).  Right now, Vivian’s in this phase where she loves to be held (I mean what baby doesn’t love to be held), and the Roo sling from Lou Lou & Company is seriously one of my fave “baby” products right now.  The [...]

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5 year blogiversary giveaway #5 – Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag + $100 Gift Card Of Choice!

posted: 01.18.15 | 74 comments

I just wanted to take this time again to reflect on the past 5 years once again and speak to the future. It’s been such a fun ride creating content and sharing my life with you all this blog. It’s so fun to look back to see my outfits, my style, my pregnancy, and what [...]

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5 year blogiversary giveaway #4 – Trend Addictions $50 Shop Credit

posted: 01.16.15 | 66 comments

Over the last couple of months, I have shared a few posts about this awesome shop called Trend Addictions.  This shop totally speaks to me since they sell item for Women, Children and the Home.  I obviously blog a lot about Women’s fashion on this blog over here, and I do a lot of Children’s [...]

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5 year blogiversary giveaway #3 – Saranoni Blankets

posted: 01.15.15 | 109 comments

Are you guys having fun with these giveaways for my 5 year blogiversary? I sure hope so! Next up, we have a giveaway for all of those who love Sunday morning cuddles and snuggles. I recently discovered Saranoni blankets and fell IN LOVE. These blankets are hands down the softest things I’ve ever gotten my [...]

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