Not going to lie, I am a little bit sad that I missed a post dedicated to World Nutella Day yesterday… so I am going to make up for it by posting something for National Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day!  Yup you guessed it, that’s today!  Apparently it’s always the first Saturday of February, who knew?!?  Here’s the general gist of how this holiday came about, it’s kind of fitting for today since much of the country is getting hit with horrible winter weather this weekend:

    Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ruth and a little boy named Joe.  Ruth  and Joe grew up in the back of beyond in New York state where it was very very cold.  Every winter between New Year’s Eve and Passover, life in up-state New York got extremely boring, so their parents invented a holiday to brighten up the dreary days of winter.  It was called Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.  This was a wonderful holiday for children and parents alike because to celebrate you had to eat ice cream for breakfast on the first Saturday in February.

As you can see, I’ve been posting about a lot of sweets lately… and since baking generally leads to eating… it isn’t so good for my husband and my figure.  So instead of actually eating ice cream for breakfast, I will just post what I wish I could eat for this holiday.

1. Waffles a la Mode (picture taken from Hip Girlie).  Freshly made hot waffles smothered with soft cold scrumptious vanilla ice cream with a side of tart and sweet strawberries and kiwi, I may be drooling on the keyboard right now…  BTW, see where I got the “a la mode” in my website name from?

2. Candied Bacon Ice Cream (picture taken from the ever amazing pastry chef, David Lebovitz).  I’ve decided to include bacon in my meal since it is a traditional breakfast food.  In my White Chocolate Treats post, I got several comments mentioning that I should try making sweets with meat flavor, and I think this may be my calling.  Crunchy brown sugar candied bacon bits peppered throughout vanilla cinnamon rum flavored ice cream?  Umm, yes please!

3. Frozen Hot Chocolate (picture taken from Pulse of Vegas Blog).  Made famous from the romantic comedy Serendipity, this dessert/drink is superbly delicious!  While it actually isn’t made from ice cream (it’s just chocolate, cocoa mix, sugar, milk, and ice blended together with whipped cream on top) I still think it would be the perfect drink to top off my breakfast!  I always thought the only Serendipity restaurant was in New York, who knew there was a Serendipity in Caesar’s Palace – lucky for me I’ll be in Vegas for a wedding in March!

How would you eat ice cream with your breakfast? Ice cream in your cereal?  Muffin a la mode? Eggs and ice cream? Oh the possibilities are endless! Or does this idea of ice cream for breakfast just gross you out??