For today’s post you have a two for one… an In Style + Nest Designs post, lucky you!  I love this blazer I got from a local boutique and I just don’t wear it often enough. Pair it together with my striped boyfriend button down I got from a shop in Vancouver and I have a Jeans Day Friday look, or Casual Fridays as some companies call it.

Button Down: Aritzia, Blazer: Amelia’s Boutique, Jeans: Seven, Necklace: Forever 21. Shoes: Steve Madden

And when we had that snow you see up there, I was all cooped up in the house and felt like organizing our closet space.  And of course I wanted to take some pictures to share my progress!!  🙂  Since our house is an older home (1970s) we don’t have the luxury of super big walk-in closets (hopefully we’ll have that in our next house), so we actually use two closets in two rooms as well as two dressers.

Closet #1, which is in the master bedroom, is basically where we put our work clothes… the ones we wear 5 /7 days a week!

I love that the light switch has some vintage charm with a heart at the end of it separating the his and hers side.  And yes, that’s a full-length mirror on the door right there that gets a lot of use!

Opposite the door is actually a ladder that goes to the attic (we’ve never been up there), but I use the rungs to hold my belts!

Here’s a closer look!  I actually just bought a few more skinny ones this past week that  I can’t wait to add to the collection!! 😉

And look at how neat Marvin’s pants are, all lined up, light to dark, no wrinkles.

Here’s a look at Closet #2, it’s where all our summer clothes go.  On the left we have Marv’s collection of polos that I arranged by color haha.  And on the right is all my pretty dresses that I’m dying to wear.  I love having an organized closet, it totally makes the morning routine so much easier and creates a happy home.

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What does your closet look like?  Do you have a walk-in?  Do you use dressers?