top: forever 21 | jeans: old navy maternity | shoes: love culture | necklace and earrings: pretties by meg

i don’t think i ever shared this, but ever since our little bean has been created, we’ve been tracking it’s growth with fruit.  i haven’t done it every week, but i’ve tried to keep up as much as possible.  i hope to eventually have it all compiled into a chart to show you my bump’s growth progress.  funny thing is, we keep finding ourselves buying these specialty fruits and veggies and then realizing we should probably eat them before going rotten.  it’s been probably YEARS since i’ve eaten papaya since i’m not that big of a fan, but it’s always nice to branch out and eat something different once in awhile, don’t ya think?  so there we have it, it’s our 22-24 week bump.  it’s kinda crazy to know that the baby is already about 1 pound now, we’re out of the ounces stage, haha!

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