no baby yet!  he’s still hanging in the belly!  taking this time to enjoy our family as a twosome for now and be lazy!  😉  first up, we have my friend piper with a guest post!


hi everyone, this is piper from one sydney road and i’m thrilled to be guest posting for sandy! (especially for such a wonderful reason!) i thought i would share some of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays. i’m all about keeping things nice & simple for the holidays since it’s such a busy time. and who am i kidding…that way it gives me more time for baking cookies & wrapping gifts! so i like to use what i have (it’s a money saver too!)

at our house, we have a bunch of different color bulbs that make decorating so colorful and easy. i just take one color (or 2-3) and use them around the house for table decor, in vases for display & of course on the tree! (yes, i’m one of those people that has a color theme each year!)

the other thing i love to do is bring the outdoors inside. and boy is it easy that way! just grab some branches or pinecones & some greenery and you’re set. hmm….thinking i should go grab my hubby and dogs and take a hike in the woods to search for some decor! how do you all like to decorate for the holidays? do you go all out or keep it simple?

happy holidays!!

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