Shift Dress c/o Lulu’s | Tights: Target | Socks: Forever 21 | Boots: Anne Klein {similar} | Necklace: Madewell | Earrings: INPink {similar} | Bracelet: Forever 21

I’m back with a list type of post again.  🙂  Keep reading for Ten Things You Should Know right now!

1. Marvin and I are taking our sabbatical leave right now.  What is that you ask?  Once we have been working at our company for 7 years, we get to take 4 weeks off (in addition to our 3 weeks vacation a year).  Add on the 3 months I took off earlier this year for maternity leave… and I’m only working like 7.5 months total in 2012.  How awesome is that?  🙂
2. For 1 week out of the 4 weeks of sabbatical leave, we get to help out with community service.  So this week, Marvin and I are filling bags full of essentials for foster care children of all ages that may have gotten taken from their homes for unforeseen reasons.  I think it’s a great thing to be doing, but it’s sad to make me think about all these babies and kids who maybe didn’t have a good home before going into foster care.
3. Baby Austin is really smart.  Case in point in this video.
4. You may have seen me tweet about a polar bear video I made that went viral (sorta)!  Well here’s the commercial that was made out of it!
5. I am so close to ending my relationship with my pump. SO CLOSE. For now.
6. I signed up for TV show taping tickets for The Voice, but unfortunately just found out they won’t be taping anymore on the date I had signed up for. Sad. Wish I could have seen Usher in person again (I first saw him when he was like 15)!
7. Austin will be taking his first flight very soon. Please wish us (and him) luck! We’ll be bringing lots of snacks and toys for the flight.  Sorry for those who may be sitting around us, if he cries.
8. Shift dresses, tights, and boots go so well together.
9. I love long necklaces. I need more, many more.
10. Because of #1, I will be having a few guest posts next week.  As in, I’ve been blogging for 2.5 years now and I need a mini-sabbatical from blogging too! 😉

Thanks for reading all!  🙂  What’s the best thing about your October so far?