Chambray Button Down: Old Navy
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Pants: J.Crew {similar}
Boots: Madewell
Bracelets c/o Daily Dose
Necklace c/o Junghwa
Scarf c/o Milo and Molly (take 20% off your order with code ALAMODE)

This past weekend was a busy, but amazing one! The temps were quite amazing for November (high 50s/low 60s) so we spent quite a bit of time outside! I got this long cardigan from Uniqlo in San Francisco and love it so much. Hunter/army green is pretty much my fave color right now for Fall. I love it paired with mustard, browns, and purples. I think the scarf really adds some visual interest to an outfit that is made up of more simple and plain basics. You’ll see me wearing scarves in like all of my upcoming posts b/c they are my go to instant outfit boots for Fall (and Winter and any cold day)!

On a personal note, Austin is still taking his antibiotics for his ear infection but we may have turned a new leaf (although I shouldn’t jinx it). As I mentioned previously, his sleeping patterns were awful and so were ours. But last night, he finally slept from 8:30PM – 5:30AM with no fussing for bathtime or bedtime. It’s still not enough sleep for a nearly 2 year old, but we’ll take it compared to the 12AM, 2AM, 3AM previous wakings. I’m so happy to see that my little guy is in a better mood these days too.

I posted this on my personal FB earlier, but I just wanted to repost it here for those that don’t “like” me there.

Random happenings at Austin’s daycare:
1) One of the 3 year old girls asked me if Austin had a brother or sister. (No, he does not and no, I am not pregnant!)
2) Another 3 year old girl offered to zip up Austin’s jacket for him before going outside since Mommy forgot to.
3) The daycare teacher said that Austin is so sweet that she would take 50 of them at one time!
4) Yesterday, during Austin’s nap, apparently he woke up, licked each of his fingers on his right hand and fell back asleep. Maybe he had a dream about Cheetos?

SO cute, huh? I am so happy to see Austin warming up to his peers and teachers (and fingers?)!