It’s finally here!!! The ULTIMATE Kid’s Holiday Gift Guide – from age 3-17!!!  I split it up by girl and boy gifts, but there are merely suggestions! Obviously I am a firm believer that many “girl” toys can be “boy” toys and vice versa!! Hope this guide is helpful in your holiday shopping!!


  1. Ice Cream Counter – Melissa and Doug makes the best pretend wooden food! This ice cream set is darling!
  2. Twisty Petz – How cool is it that you can twist them into pets but then untwist them and connect them to make bracelets and necklaces!
  3. Camera – Perfect for those budding photographers!
  4. Scooter – Hands down one of the best scooters on the market! It glides and turns easily! 
  5. Osmo – If they have to be on a tablet, might as well make it educational! This Osmo kit is interactive and hands on! They’ll forget that they’re learning!
  6. Non Toxic Play Make Up – What girl doesn’t want to feel glamorous? I love that this is non-toxic so it makes me feel so much better about having a little one play with it.
  7. Magna-Tiles – I will never NOT recommend these magnet tiles! My kids play with them for hours!
  8. Wake Up Clock – A gift they didn’t know they wanted. This little clock will help keep them in their room by lighting up in different colors.
  9. Dear Girl Book – Such a sweet book!
  10. L.O.L. Chalet House – You can not go wrong with anything L.O.L. but this is the most highly requested toy this year!
  11. Doll House – This wooden dollhouse is so cute! 
  12. Alphabet Animal Puzzle – A great puzzle to work on problem solving and creative thinking! 

  1. V-Tech Kid’s Phone – A phone that you can control who they can contact. Bonus that you can only download educational games!
  2. Dinosaur Dig Eggs – Kids love surprises so why not make them work for it? 
  3. Magic Tracks – I have heard rave reviews about Magic Tracks! They stay on the track and light up!
  4. Marble Run – This will get your little one thinking like an engineer! Another bonus? No batteries required!
  5. Tegu Blocks – Perfect on the go entertainment!
  6. Baby Shark Plush Ride On – One can not deny the popularity of Baby Shark. This ride on toy is just too cute!
  7. Toy Story LEGO – I love that this set includes a mini Woody figure! 
  8. Plus Plus Blocks – The possibilities are endless with this!
  9. Pirate Ship – Such a darling pirate ship toy!
  10. Balance Bike – This bike helps little ones learn how to balance before transitioning to riding a 2 wheel bike!
  11. Coding Robot – Start them young with coding with this adorable robot! 
  12. BatMobile – One of the coolest super hero RC car! It opens up to reveal a command center inside!

  1. Karaoke Machine – Perfect for all the future Jojo Siwa! It’s also fun for the whole family!
  2. Coding Robot – Another coding robot but a bit more advance for this age group!
  3. Nail Art Set – This will help them do their own nails!
  4. Interactive Globe – Great tool to learn more about the world at their fingertips!
  5. Villainous Board Game – Disney lovers will love this board game! It won the Toy of the Year for Games!
  6. Slime Kit – As much as we despise it, making slime never gets old! 
  7. Instax Camera – Coolest camera with {almost} instant photos! 
  8. Bath Bomb Kit – Keep them entertained with this kit. If you’re lucky, they’ll share their bath bombs with you!
  9. L.O.L. Amazing Surprise – What girl wouldn’t want to get over 70+ L.O.L. surprises?! 
  10. Friendship Bracelet Kit – Flashback to when I used to make these! Now you’ll be receiving lots of bracelets so it’s a win-win!
  11. Craft Kit – How cute are these no-bake clay treats??
  12. Card Game – This sounds like such a fun card game for the whole family!


  1. Fire Tablet – Best tablet with content you can control!
  2. Harry Potter LEGO Set – The ultimate gift for the Harry Potter obsessed! 
  3. Kid’s Echo Dot – Parental controls on Alexa is the best thing ever!
  4. Harry Potter Coding Kit – The coolest coding kit that comes with a wand!
  5. Hover Board – Coolest way to cruise around the neighborhood!
  6. Bey Blades – Austin loves Bey Blades! This set comes with a stadium and 6 Bey Blades ready to battle!
  7. Laser Tag – Now you can play laser tag in the comfort of your own home or take it on the go!
  8. Fitness Watch – Great way to help them keep an eye on how active they are, set alarms and reminders, and monitor their sleeping!
  9. FortNite Jenga – Jenga with a twist!
  10. Mini Drone – How cool that you use your hands to control this drone??
  11. Pokemon LEGO – Gotta catch them all! Pokemon is definitely a popular toy this year!
  12. RC Car – Awesome little car that they build and make it do stunts!

  1. Doc Martens Boots – The best combat boots for the VSCO girl.
  2. Polaroid Camera – Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Love seeing the retro comebacks!
  3. Nail Set – Do your nails at home like the professionals!
  4. Bath Bombs – Who has time to make bath bombs when you can just enjoy them?
  5. Vinyl Stickers – Now she can decorate anything to her heart’s desire.
  6. Glossier Lip Gloss – VSCO girl approved lip gloss. (But Glossier really does make some good lip gloss)
  7. Backpack – Great backpack that will hold a lot!
  8. Vans – I love how easy it is to slip on!
  9. Hydroflask – One of the best to keep your water cold all day!
  10. Selfie Light Ring – For all the endless selfies that they will be taking.
  11. Scrunchies – One can not live without a scrunchie on your wrist!
  12. Air Pods – Number one asked for gift for any age!

  1. Gaming Headphones – Top rated gaming headphones!
  2. Pullover – This will keep them warm all winter long!
  3. Vans – Such classic shoes!
  4. Nintendo Switch – The hottest selling gaming system for the past 2 years!
  5. Wallet Phone Case – All in one phone case and wallet!
  6. Balance Board – Great for working on balance and their core! Try playing games and doing this at the same time!
  7. Drone – Now they can take their own videos!
  8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Help their eyes while they’re playing games!
  9. Shocking Game – Fun for everyone!
  10. Portable Speaker – Music on the go!
  11. Backpack – This backpack can hold so much!
  12. Mountain Bike – Keep them active with this bike!