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Before I Shop + Giveaway

posted: 02.18.14 | 17 comments

As you guys know, I am pretty much obsessed with shopping online. I’m a crazy fanatic for buying things (in multiple sizes) and then returning the one that doesn’t fit. I have to specifically warn my husband that I do not keep about 50% of the items from the multiple packages I receive each week. [...]

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My Search for the Perfect Red Bag

posted: 11.06.13 | 27 comments

As you all know I am obsessed with handbags and slowly but surely working on completing my bag collection (for the moment) and I am happy to say that I’m pretty close to complete (which means I will stop looking at bags for awhile)! The last bag I was looking for was a red bag. [...]

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Wearing my heart on my sleeve

posted: 11.04.13 | 16 comments

Yes, I am literally wearing my a heart on my sleeve. I actually got this cute cardigan probably a year ago and this is the first time I’ve actually worn it. I had all of these grand plans for wearing it in the past but it always just sat in my closet and stared at [...]

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It’s Time For Tights Again!

posted: 09.15.13 | 24 comments

This weekend we were finally met with cooler weather, which was SO nice! And by cooler I mean 70 degrees, which means tights weather is approaching.  I am currently super obsessed with the color maroon for Fall. It pairs so nicely as a deep pop of color against black and is so perfect for Fall. [...]

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My MuseBox Beauty Review

posted: 09.13.13 | 9 comments

Have y’all heard of Musebox before? It’s a beauty subscription box service where you can get the best beauty products (that you’ve probably never heard of) sent right to your door every 2 months!  They have a couple of different plans you can sign up for to fit your budget. What’s cool about Musebox is [...]

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