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Back to school I go… or not.

posted: 08.28.14 | 5 comments

I like to call this my “back to school” outfit even though I’ll probably never ever go back to school every again. Studying and exams, no thank you! I’d rather work and make money, please. But I think it’s the Converse sneakers and stripes and layers that remind me of this being a “school” outfit. [...]

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Hi-Lo is the way to go

posted: 08.27.14 | 17 comments

First of all, we can’t get enough of this mountain view that is walking distance from our house.  It’s actually a horse trail too and once in awhile we’ll see people horseback riding our horses neighing, it’s the highlight of my son’s night if that happens!  And second of all, this hi-lo tank dress is [...]

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Full term and wearing heels…

posted: 08.26.14 | 9 comments

Whoa, we’ve reached 37 weeks (full term, baby) in this pregnancy and sometimes I still sneak in wearing heels once in awhile when I’m feeling fancy. I am happy to report that my belly button has not changed from an innie to an outie and although I feel drained from energy a little bit (like [...]

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Bring on the booties!

posted: 08.25.14 | 6 comments

This past Summer I may have gone overboard in the kimono department, but the best thing about them is that I can wear them into Fall. And gosh, it’s already starting to feel like Fall over here in Utah. This is so weird to me because in Kansas City, end of August is usually like [...]

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Agnes & Dora Legging, Pant or Skirt Giveaway!

posted: 08.24.14 | 43 comments

You guys.  I haven’t met a better legging or skirt than the Agnes & Dora ones that I own.  I was first introduced to this smooth like butter material in a bottom by Kaylynn from Among the Young at an event that I attended.  I sat there for hours (OK prob more like minutes but [...]

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