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All the days blend together… except this Friday and Saturday!

posted: 10.30.14 | 0 comments

Outfit Details: Top: & Apparel Cardigan: Pree Brulee Pants: GAP Shoes: B.A.I.T. Footwear Bag: Tory Burch It’s been 6 weeks of being at home on maternity leave and all the weekdays just blend together.  I’m always asking my husband, what day is it today?  Monday?  Thursday?  Who knows!  Pretty much every weekday is the same… [...]

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Florals and Vests

posted: 10.30.14 | 7 comments

For this Fall, I have 2 obsessions.  One is wearing my Summer florals throughout this season by adding layers and such.  I feel like each season I have a new favorite pattern.  It used to be stripes, polka dots, but now it’s florals.  My second obsession is buying vests (eeks)!  I love puffy vests, long [...]

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She was my dream

posted: 10.28.14 | 10 comments

It was always my dream to have a boy and a girl, to make my family complete, and Vivian completed that dream. Whenever I used to shop for little boy clothes for Austin, my eyes would always wander to the girls section as frankly, there is so much more girls stuff and it’s just so [...]

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The best travel bag

posted: 10.27.14 | 6 comments

Have y’all heard of Birdling Bags before?  Well if you are looking for a weekender/overnight/all round travel bag, then they have the bags for you.  They’ve got bags in a couple of colors, ones that are gorgeous and would “go” with a lot.  And the space, seriously, when I received the bag, I was shocked [...]

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Shades of Green

posted: 10.26.14 | 7 comments

One thing I so love about Fall is being able to wear tights, which means I don’t have to shave my legs (as often), since I hardly even have time to shower these days anyways.  ;)  This dress is another nursing friendly one and seriously, as I shop these days, that is what I am [...]

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