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Rewearing the same outfit but with baby in tow!

posted: 03.02.15 | 3 comments

So the last time I wore this dress for the blog was for my gender reveal video.  If you haven’t seen it before, you should check it out, I am absolutely in LOVE with the video.  And here are some pretty family photos to go along with it.  So when I put together this outfit [...]

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Living in tees, kimonos and leggings

posted: 03.01.15 | 8 comments

On the weekends, I live in leggings.  Like seriously, sometimes on Saturday and Sunday I wear the same pair and I don’t even care. My favorite way to take them from casual to dressy is wearing them with a tee (gold sleeves are definitely a bonus), kimono, heels and a fun clutch. Kick my heels [...]

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She loves the camera

posted: 02.26.15 | 3 comments

I hope you guys are loving this Mama and Daughter outfit series as much as I love shooting them with my baby girl.  Knock on wood, she has cooperated through most of them and I hope this trend continues.  Even if she has skipped her nap, she’ll still be all smiles in front of the [...]

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Pink wall obsessed

posted: 02.24.15 | 8 comments

Hello pink wall again, you are the best and I wish I could have you in my backyard.  For those of you curious, this is in Provo, UT, but I couldn’t tell you where exactly…  I get a lot of questions about how I “do it all”, and my answer for now is that my [...]

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Mama / Daughter Style Series: Spring Outfit + A Giveaway!

posted: 02.23.15 | 44 comments

It’s so weird but I feel like we’ve had Spring weather for the past few months and Winter is ABOUT to hit us for the next few months.  I really hope that that statement is not true and Spring and warmer temps are on the way, but I just don’t know.  This is my first [...]

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