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My love for huipil handmade handbags

posted: 01.27.15 | 0 comments

You guys, I have a new bag obsession and that is to have a one-of-a-kind bag like no one else’s in the world. I’ve recently discovered Mu’s Bags which carries an awesome selection of Guatemalan huipil handbags. They’ve got a variety of different styles from cluches to crossbodies to every day bags to travel bags.  [...]

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Mama / Daughter Style Series: Valentine’s Day Outfit

posted: 01.26.15 | 5 comments

For our next installment of the Mama/Daughter style series, we had to style up some Valentine’s Day looks (you guys, we’re only 3 weeks away, have you started your shopping yet?)!  I have planned a dinner for me and my husband (hoping my parents will agree to watch the kids) and that may just be [...]

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Comfy Work Style

posted: 01.21.15 | 10 comments

Now that I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy body, still some pounds to lose and belly fat to get rid of (HOW do I get rid of this?? I need help in this area), I am slowly fitting back into some of my old work clothes.  However, pants and jeans are still a problem [...]

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My favorite accessory

posted: 01.20.15 | 10 comments

You see that scarf right there?  I love it so much.  Why you ask?  Because it’s one of those magical ones that transforms into a nursing cover or a car seat cover.  It’s from Covered Goods and it’s so good.  It’s soft, stretchy, multi-purpose and so pretty too. I have no shame in nursing in [...]

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5 year blogiversary giveaway #5 – Mansur Gavriel Mini Bucket Bag + $100 Gift Card Of Choice!

posted: 01.18.15 | 74 comments

I just wanted to take this time again to reflect on the past 5 years once again and speak to the future. It’s been such a fun ride creating content and sharing my life with you all this blog. It’s so fun to look back to see my outfits, my style, my pregnancy, and what [...]

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