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How we get ready for daycare

posted: 04.23.14 | 3 comments

A couple weeks ago, a kids labels and gift brand called Stuck On You reached out to me and sent me some products for Austin.  Their site is full of items for labeling your children’s items in ensuring they don’t get lost at daycare or any public place you go as well as some very [...]

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Announcing… Baby #2!

posted: 03.23.14 | 34 comments

So… we’ve been keeping a secret for the past 14.5 weeks.  Baby #2 is joining our family in mid-September!  :)  We are over the moon excited, nervous, joyful, anxious and just a whole mix of emotions!  We had been planning/trying for a few months now, so was in disbelief but utter excitement when we got [...]

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Feature Sponsor Love + Giveaway – Elskan

posted: 01.14.14 | 32 comments

{shop} {facebook} {instagram} {blog} {MEET THE SHOP OWNER} 1) Please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you decided to start up shop? My family has encouraged me to be creative for as long as I can remember. In fact, I still have the drawings and paintings they saved from when I was [...]

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Black + White and Colors All Over

posted: 01.08.14 | 22 comments

I hope this is the first of many Mommy and son outfit photoshoots this year, but that all depends on if my 2 year old agrees to take “pic-chas” with me or not. More and more, I have been getting into toddler fashion and kind of obsessing over it (at least they can wear clothes [...]

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Happy Second Birthday To Our Little Man!

posted: 12.29.13 | 22 comments

Garland and cake topper by Carousel Lane. This little man of ours just turned two. We had a little celebration with family in Ohio and it was filled with the best kind of stuff. We started off with family pictures at the mall, rides on an ice cream truck, escalator AND elevator (his fave), Indian [...]

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