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valentine’s day

Valentine’s Wishlist with Groupon Coupons

posted: 02.13.15 | 5 comments

If you know me, I always love a good deal.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t?  If I can save a little money here or there while shopping, then I’m all for it.  Groupon Coupons recently partnered with more than 8,000 retailers to create a service where you can over 55,000 free coupons and exclusive [...]

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Mixing up red and pink for a Valentine’s Day outfit

posted: 02.11.15 | 14 comments

Because Valentine’s Day is coming up (do you have plans made, presents ready???) and I wouldn’t be a true fashion blogger if I didn’t do a Valentine’s Day outfit inspired post… here it is.  And actually this might possibly be one of my favorite shoots/outfits EVER!  Mainly because of the pink wall and super fun [...]

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Valentine’s Day Gift Guides

posted: 02.06.15 | 8 comments

This post is sponsored by Coupons.com but all opinions expressed are my own. You guys, can you believe we are already well into February, which means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? It doesn’t feel like February since we’ve been having 60 degree weather here in Utah (I thought I moved to the land [...]

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Mama / Daughter Style Series: Valentine’s Day Outfit

posted: 01.26.15 | 5 comments

For our next installment of the Mama/Daughter style series, we had to style up some Valentine’s Day looks (you guys, we’re only 3 weeks away, have you started your shopping yet?)!  I have planned a dinner for me and my husband (hoping my parents will agree to watch the kids) and that may just be [...]

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Valentine’s Giveaway – Chromatic Gallerie Pumps

posted: 01.31.13 | 117 comments

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I have a giveaway today brought to you by one of my Partners. This first one is brought to you by one of my favorite shoe companies, Chromatic Gallerie!  What do I love about them?  The fact that they have pumps in every color you could think of and in [...]

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