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Archive for July, 2011

Michigan Love <3

posted: 07.31.11 | 27 comments

 This past weekend, I took a little mini-vacay to Michigan!  The main reason was for my friend Kate’s bachelorette party, but I ended up doing so much more than just going to the party.  I stayed with my Twinny (one of my best college friends), Steph, in downtown Detroit, and her fiance and two loving [...]

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Flavors To Follow – Chevron

posted: 07.28.11 | 28 comments

Top row: 1. 2. 3. 4. Bottom row: 5. 6. 7. I need help.  I am in total nesting and nursery planning mode but I love it.  These past few days I have been obsessing and dreaming about what our baby boy’s nursery is going to look like.  I didn’t want the space to look [...]

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I heart blogger meetups

posted: 07.27.11 | 27 comments

Have I told you how much I love blogger meetups?  Well if I haven’t, I’ll tell you again, they are awesome!  :)  A few weeks ago I found myself in Orlando again on a business trip and I can’t say that I saved that much of my per diem.  Orlando’s Prime Outlets always have me [...]

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We’re Having a Boy!

posted: 07.26.11 | 56 comments

[polldaddy poll=5221880]  Well friends, here are the final results from the Guess Our Baby’s Gender poll and I must say, you guessed WRONG haha!  We just had our second ultrasound last Friday (at 18 weeks) and after 20 minutes of taking pictures and measurements of our squirmy little one, we found out we were having [...]

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Food Truck Festival

posted: 07.25.11 | 22 comments

A few weekends ago, baby daddy and I went to the first annual Westport Food Truck Festival.  If you know me, you know my love for food… and food trucks!  And yes, the concept has finally caught on in Kansas City many months later than it has in most big cities, but nonetheless, it is [...]

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