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Shirt or Pouch?

posted: 11.17.14 | 9 comments

Outfit Details: Soothe Shirt c/o Lalabu Cardigan: Clad and Cloth Pants: GAP Boots: Steve Madden In the past week or so, we have noticed that Vivian tends to be more aware and when she is awake, she doesn’t love hanging out alone for too long.  Pretty much, she loves to be held, like any other [...]

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My Little Lady and Me

posted: 11.16.14 | 12 comments

I hope you guys aren’t tired of all the photos I take of my little lady, I just can’t help it.  She is seriously like my real life dress up doll.  I think I am starting to love putting together outfits for her way more than putting outfits together for myself these days!  Anyhow, when [...]

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Heather Pickett Newborn Photography Giveaway!

posted: 11.13.14 | 10 comments

Remember these adorable photos of Vivian that I posted a few weeks ago?  These were taken by the talented Salt Lake City based Heather Pickett Photography and for us, these are newborn photos we will cherish forever of our little girl.  And I am sure she will love them when it’s time to choose her [...]

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Dear Vivian: One Month

posted: 11.04.14 | 3 comments

Dear Vivian, On October 15, 2014, you turned 1 month old! My has the time flown (get used to this saying, because I will be saying it a lot, I said it a lot with your brother too)!  And yes, this post is like 3 weeks overdue and you are almost 2 months now.  You [...]

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That bag though…

posted: 10.22.14 | 7 comments

If any of y’all are in the market for some dressed up nursing wear, you really need to check out the Floressa line at Queen Bee Maternity!  I have 3 dresses from them total now and they have the BEST access to your you know what for nursing. ;)  Basically that inside flap under the [...]

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