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Toddler Meals with Re-Play + Giveaway!

posted: 04.21.15 | 31 comments

To go along with my Baby Food with Blendtec post last week, I also wanted to share with you how we feed our toddler! I used to post weekly updates on Austin when he was a baby, and I am sad that I don’t post about him enough on here as I really want to [...]

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Mommy + Me Jewel Tone Colors

posted: 04.12.15 | 11 comments

This Mommy + me outfit is inspired by jewel tones. The other day, my girl Sadi of Lula Girls Blog invited me to her LuLaRoe shopping party… and I left with a bunch of stuff, as always. I brought Vivian with me and she was just the most well behaved and best shopping buddy ever. [...]

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Cleaning Baby Bottles with Boon Suds Bottle Washer

posted: 04.09.15 | 2 comments

Ever since I started back at work a couple months ago, we had to make the switch from exclusively nursing to pretty much exclusively bottle feeding. We have 2 sets of bottles to feed our little almost 7 month old girl and she eats about 5 oz every 4 hours or so (and usually sleeps [...]

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Baby/Kids Spring Styles with Melijoe.com

posted: 04.05.15 | 4 comments

If you can’t tell, this blog is slowly being taken over by my kid’s. I am having more fun with baby girl fashion and toddler boy fashion than my own fashion sometimes. I swear everything is just so much cuter in itty bitty sizes, don’t ya agree? When is comes to shopping for them, there’s [...]

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Buying and Selling with Kid to Kid + $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

posted: 03.26.15 | 7 comments

My little girl is already 6 months old and has gone through 3 different clothing sizes.  It’s always so sad that they grow up so fast and can only wear their cute clothes for a few months at a time.  My husband keeps telling me to stop buying clothes for the kids, but I just [...]

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