Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
{1} Much Love, Illy and I are ecstatic with how fast the word spread about the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts Swap!  We reached our quota of 100 bloggers within 2 days (and let a few extra bloggers in too).  You should have all received a confirmation email from us if you made it in!  🙂  We’re thinking we may be able to have partners paired up before November 15 to give you more time to get to know each other and shop for each other!  Will keep you posted!

{2} Since I stabbed my index fingertip with scissors last Thursday (I’ll spare you from any type of pictures), I have become a PRO at typing without my left index finger.  I realized that I copy/paste A LOT!  Typing V with my middle finger while my pinky finger is holding down the CTRL key has given my fingers quite the workout.

{3} My etsy shop just celebrated its two month anniversary on Saturday, yay so exciting!  By the way, did you see I started listing some holiday hairpins?  This one is called peppermint tea!  If you haven’t noticed, my goal is to make you hungry with the names of each of my listings, HA!  😉

{4} Five nights ago, when a friend was staying with us, I learned the card game Dominion.  My husband had been trying to get me to learn the game for the longest time now, but I refused because I didn’t want to get obsessed with another thing.  Well I could only refuse for so long and finally gave in… and now… I am obsessed.  I’ve played this game every night for the past five nights!  Here’s an excerpt from Amazon on how to play the game!

In Dominion, each player starts with an identical, very small deck of cards. In the center of the table is a selection of other cards the players can “buy” as they can afford them. Through their selection of cards to buy, and how they play their hands as they draw them, the players construct their deck on the fly, striving for the most efficient path to the precious victory points by game end. You are a monarch, like your parents before you, a ruler of a small pleasant kingdom of rivers and evergreens. Unlike your parents, however, you have hopes and dreams! You want a bigger and more pleasant kingdom, with more rivers and a wider variety of trees. You want a Dominion! In all directions lie fiefs, freeholds, and feodums. All are small bits of land, controlled by petty lords and verging on anarchy. You will bring civilization to these people, uniting them under your banner. But wait! It must be something in the air; several other monarchs have had the exact same idea. You must race to get as much of the unclaimed land as possible, fending them off along the way. To do this you will hire minions, construct buildings, spruce up your castle, and fill the coffers of your treasury. Your parents wouldn’t be proud, but your grandparents, would be delighted.

And what entices you even more is that there are tons of expansion sets too with all different types of cards so you’ll never get bored!  So if you’re looking for a new board/card game, I highly recommend this one!

{5} If you are looking for a new sparkling wine to try, Stella Rosa Red Wine is one of my new faves!  This wine comes from Italy and has hints of pomegranate, crisp red pear, apple-rhubarb pie flavors, yummy!

{6} Tomorrow is me and my husband’s two year proposalversary!  Not sure what we’re going to do yet to celebrate but I’m sure it will involve a delicious meal!  🙂  On November 9, 2008, my husband got down on one knee and our lives changed forever (the pic below is a reenactment that me and my husband did in our taiwan engagement shoot, the actual proposal happened in his house)  I couldn’t be happier about how life has turned out.  I love you babe!  If you’d like to see our engagement photos, feel free to look at this post, this post, and this post!  Haha yes, there are a lot so I had to split them up into three posts!  🙂

That’s all the randomness you’ll get out of me today! 🙂

Happy Monday, friends!!