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All wrapped up

posted: 10.05.14 | 11 comments

We’ve almost made it to the 3 week mark and boy do these days go by so fast!  I’ve only been outside a handful of times and we still haven’t even been in a car with our family of 4 yet, only on walks to get the mail in our neighborhood.  However, on those walks, [...]

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Family of Four!

posted: 09.24.14 | 25 comments

Thanks to my Mom, we finally got some proper pictures (non hospital ones) of our little family of four!  :)  And we may have just happened to be coordinating with our outfits too, sorry, I can’t help it!  Every day, I love seeing my son grow more caring and loving and sweet towards his baby [...]

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A trip to Park Silly Sunday Market

posted: 09.11.14 | 26 comments

We finally checked off “a visit to Park City, UT’ off of our “places we must visit while we are living in UT” bucket list.  A few weekends ago, we went up to the Park Silly Sunday Market as a family of three and had a fabulous time.  It’s basically a HUGE Farmer’s Market / [...]

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Enjoying Utah Scenary

posted: 08.07.14 | 6 comments

In the weeks leading up to our move to Utah, as I would start telling people from all over that we are moving there, the one thing almost everyone said is “Utah is beautiful,” or “I have never been there, but I heard it is beautiful.”  Having lived in places that were always pretty flat [...]

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Birthdays all around!

posted: 07.01.14 | 2 comments

Just wanted to wish my main squeeze a happy (full) birthday and my little man a happy (belated half) birthday!  I’ve always been a firm believer of that the fact that it doesn’t matter where you are or where you live, it’s the people you are surrounded by that make the place.  We’ve been in [...]

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