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The Annual Pass

posted: 04.02.14 | 10 comments

We don’t usually sign up for Annual Passes to things but the one that we did this year was to Kansas City’s Union Station and already, we’ve gotten our money’s worth.  Whenever a weekend comes and we don’t particularly have too many plans, we head down to Union Station’s Science City where Austin loves to [...]

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Snow Buddies

posted: 03.11.14 | 6 comments

These two little boys are two of my fave little people ever.  As you know, they got to spend a week together with the older cousin, 5 years old (Evan) staying at the younger cousin, 2 years old’s (Austin’s) house.  You should see the grin on Austin’s face whenever Evan makes an appearance.  It’s the [...]

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Making pizza with little ones

posted: 03.05.14 | 4 comments

Last week, Austin’s favorite older cousin, Evan, came to visit us all the way for California! He stayed a week at our house with my parent’s in town watching both kids and they just had so much fun playing with each other. For dinner one evening, we decided to let the kids be the chefs [...]

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Happy Second Birthday To Our Little Man!

posted: 12.29.13 | 22 comments

Garland and cake topper by Carousel Lane. This little man of ours just turned two. We had a little celebration with family in Ohio and it was filled with the best kind of stuff. We started off with family pictures at the mall, rides on an ice cream truck, escalator AND elevator (his fave), Indian [...]

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After Christmas Wishlist + Giveaway!

posted: 12.26.13 | 4 comments

Hi all! Just checking in from Ohio here. It’s been a whirlwind of a week here with family time, a lot of home time, lots of eating, and a little bit of struggling with getting Austin to sleep (I feel like this is a constant struggle his whole life), but all in all, it’s been [...]

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