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BIG NEWS! We’re moving from the plains to the mountains!

posted: 06.04.14 | 22 comments

It’s with real great stress, excitement, anxiety, and joy that I want to share with you all that WE ARE MOVING!  Yes, like physically moving… at the end of June!  My husband and I are still staying with our current companies (we work at the same place), but my husband got offered to take a [...]

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Casual Sneaker Love

posted: 05.21.14 | 12 comments

I was so excited when JD Sports sent me these Nike Trainers because it’s really been awhile since I’ve gotten myself a good sneaker.  Especially with being pregnant and doing a lot of travel, these sneakers are the perfect shoes for doing a lot of walking and for traveling at the airport.  I love that [...]

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Here’s to 5 amazing years!

posted: 05.16.14 | 9 comments

Dear Marv, Today marks our 5 year anniversary. Looking back on these 5 years together, we really have come a long way. We got married in Michigan, lived together in our first home together in Missouri, got pregnant with Austin, moved to our second home together and started renting out our first home, and now [...]

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My Travel Style

posted: 05.14.14 | 15 comments

If you follow along with my Instagram, you’ll know that we’re currently spending this week in Salt Lake City!  We are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this week so decided to take a little trip~!  All I got to say is that the mountains are quite fabulous and it’s a nice change of pace from [...]

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Yes To for your holiday travel needs!

posted: 11.21.13 | 12 comments

It’s so crazy that the holidays are creeping up on us but this is a time that I always look forward to. The food, fun, family, time off, holiday cheer and Christmas music… yes I’ve already started playing it. While we won’t be seeing any family this Thanksgiving, we will be traveling for Christmas. I [...]

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