The Ultimate Stylish Diaper Bag Guide

I’ve had the idea to write this post for the longest time now, and I really hope that those that are in the middle of diaper bag shopping will find it useful! Ever since I graduated from college and started making my own money, I’ve been more and more obsessed with handbags. Well, who am I kidding, I was obsessed with college too, but once I made my own money, I went down the rabbit hole of getting obsessed with designer handbags. But as 1 and then 2 kids came along, honestly, diaper bags became THE new bag. But since I’ve always wanted to ensure that I wouldn’t sacrifice style for function, I’ve actually found many brands that do both so well. So here I have the The Ultimate Stylish Diaper Bag Guide where I am sharing 10 different bag brands, what the bags look like when I wear them for sizing reference, and a little peek at how things fit inside. I’ll also share what I like about each of the brands/bags as well.

1. Fawn Design

Fawn Design
fawn design diaper bag

Ways to wear it: Backpack, Crossbody
Measurement: 13″W x 15″H x 8″D
Interior Capacity: Large
Price: $145.99

What I like about the bag: The Fawn Design bag is created by a local Utah mama and has really increased in popularity over the last year. Their leather bags come in variety of colors great for boy and girl mamas, it is easy to clean, and it opens wide so you can see all of your essentials. It has a lot of great pockets all around on the inside as well as exterior zippered pockets and side pockets for cups. These bags get sold out often, so I would make sure to follow their Instagram to know when they have restocks! 

What I like about the brand: I really love the style and capacity of these bags. I know many people who wear them and use them for their every day bags, and not just for a diaper bag. I actually have it in grey and blush as well!

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2. TWELVElittle

Twelve Little
twelve little backpack

Ways to wear it: Backpack
Measurement: 13″W x 15.75″H x 5.75″D
Interior Capacity: Medium
Price: $195

What I like about the bag: The TWELVElittle backpack is extremely lightweight, has great interior pockets and comes in a variety of colors as well. It’s also got the front and side pockets to carry even more essentials. Having a backpack style is key when you are holding 1 kid in your arm and trying to do something else with your other arm. I really like that these bags are super lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh you down. 

What I like about the brand: The TWELVElittle brand carries a huge variety of bags varying in styles from crossbody to tote to backpack and is constantly coming out with new designs. Some of my other favorites are this leopard one and this striped one.

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3. JujuBe B.F.F.

Jujube B.F.F.

Ways to wear it: Backpack, Crossbody
Measurement: 14″W x 12″H x 6.5″D
Interior Capacity: Medium
Price: $165

What I like about the bag:The Jujube B.F.F. Diaper Bag is versatile in the way that it can be worn as a backpack or crossbody and that the opening is on the front. You just zip it open and pull the flap down to see the contents. It has a variety of pockets on the inside and the front exterior and even a key chain clasp. A changing pad comes inside the back pocket as well. The bottom of the bag is structured with luggage feet so it stands up well on its own.

What I like about the brand: Besides the versatility in ways to wear this bag, I really love the unique prints that Jujube has to offer. This is one of their most popular styles, but they also carry a variety of other styles with different prints. They even have bags for mini mes

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4. Bodomint


Ways to wear it: Backpack, Crossbody
Measurement: 14″ W x 13″ H x 5″ D
Interior Capacity: Large
Price: $150

What I like about the bag: The Bodomint bag combines fashion and function in a subtle look that both mom and dad can feel confident wearing. This multifunctional bag and can be worn over one shoulder, converted to a backpack or hooked to your stroller with stroller hooks (sold separately). I fell in love with the versatility and the stripes! 

What I like about the brand: Their bags only come in 2 colors, black and striped. The striped one is constantly sold out and you have to wait for a pre-order but it’s totally worth it. I love that it has a leaher contrasting trim as well to give it that perfect stylish touch.

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5. Lily Jade

Lily Jade Elizabeth Bag
Lily Jade Elizabeth diaper bag

Ways to wear it: Backpack, Crossbody, Tote
Measurement: 7″W x 11″H x 17″D
Interior Capacity: Medium
Price: $195

What I like about the bag: The Lily Jade Elizabeth in Red Canvas is so great because it can be worn multiple ways, the canvas really gives it a high quality feel, and I love the contrasting leather trim. It comes complete with a detachable, washable “Baby Bag” organizer and changing pad. The cell phone and side pockets are key.

What I like about the brand: I actually do own quite a few Lily Jade bags and I can tell you that their quality is top notch and I haven’t faced an issue with any of the ones I own. I really love that they have a removable “Baby Bag” organizer that can be snapped out so that you can transform the diaper bag to your every day or travel bag so easily. They have a variety of different styles and colors that they offer.

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6. Pacapod


Ways to wear it: Crossbody, Tote
Measurement: 16″W x 12.5″H x 7″D
Interior Capacity: Medium
Price: $475

What I like about the bag: This PacaPod bag is made from beautiful smooth cowhide leather and has gold shiny hardware. It has these pods that can be used for specific items such as water bottles with material like a cooler.. The bags take the guesswork out of organization and lay it all out for you. I just love this light grey color and think it makes a great travel bag. 

What I like about the brand: PacaPod bags were built around their 3-1 pod organization system. I love that they take the details of what is typically in a diaper bag and lay out the organization for you. Their products really do feel luxurious. They also come in a variety of colors and styles.

7. Coco + Kiwi

Coco and Kiwi Sydney Diaper BagCoco and Kiwi

Ways to wear it: Crossbody, Tote
Measurement: 16″L x 11.5:H x 6.5″W
Interior Capacity: Medium
Price: $115

What I like about the bag: The Coco + Kiwi Sydney Diaper Bag is just a fun pop of happy in the yellow color. It has 7 pockets, a wipeable liner and comes with a changing pad.

What I like about the brand: Coco + Kiwi does not only sell diaper bags, but they sell lots of other accessories that are geared towards mama and baby. Their bangle keychain is one of my favorite items as I use it daily when dropping off and picking up the kids where all I want to hold is my key and not anything else. They also have a great line of Training Pant for those fun potty training toddlers!

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8. Newlie

Newlie Diaper Bag
Newlieco Bag

Ways to wear it: Tote, Crossbody
Measurement: 13”H x 19”W x 6”D
Interior Capacity: Large
Price: $99

What I like about the bag: The Newlie Lily Tote is made from faux leather and antique brass. It’s great got 6 interior pockets, 2 exterior pockets and a key fob. It really is lightweight and can be used as a tote and crossbody. I love that this bag can look like a regular purse and not so much “diaper bag” all the time so it makes it a great every day bag.

About the brand: Newlie offers a handful of bag options, all in neutral colors. Having them neutral makes it so great since it should go well with any outfit!

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9. Petunia Pickle Bottom

Petunia Picklebottom
petunia picklebottom

Ways to wear it: Tote, Crossbody
Measurement: 13″W x 12 H x 5.5″D
Interior Capacity: Medium
Price: $165

What I like about the bag: The Petunia Pickle Bottom City Carryall is spacious and stroller savvy, it features a built-in changing station, clever pockets and multiple carrying options, and is available in a variety of playful prints and fabrics. I love this black print especially because it gives it an extra notch up from just a plain black bag. The bag is extremely lightweight, has your standard variety of pockets and even a fold out changing pad in the back.

About the brand: Petunia Pickle Bottom really brings style and sophistication to their bags. They have a huge variety of styles, different prints and colors, and even have Dad bags too.  From backpacks and shoulder bags, to travel bags, satchels and totes, they really have it all covered.

10. Little Unicorn

Little Unicorn
Little Unicorn Diaper Bag

Ways to wear it: Tote
Measurement: 13.5″H x 17″W x 7.5″D
Interior Capacity: Large
Price: $75

What I like about the bag: The Little Unicorn Brookside Tote is minimal and sleek and is can totally be your every day bag (with the perks of diaper bag pockets inside). It’s definitely super stylish and can work in any mamas wardrobe. 

About the brand: Little Unicorn sells a variety of bags in blue, grey and black colors which are great neutrals to go with many outfits. They not only sell bags, but have other items like these adorable swaddles blankets for babies as well.

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The Ultimate Stylish Diaper Bag Guide

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Do you own any of these bags? Which one is your favorite? Or do you have another stylish diaper bag to add to this list?

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